A new home needed!

As I have told you before, out of all housing opportunities I opted for a room in a dorm. But as I found out, it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. In order to get a dorm room, a certain procedure must be followed.
First, you need to apply for a room online. In the application you should fill in your personal information as well as choose a dormitory where you would like to dwell. Apart from this, you need to attach your letter of admission to make your application valid. So I followed all these steps and the next thing was to wait until September. That’s when everyone is informed by Studentenwerk whether they’ve got a room or not.
But shortly after applying for a dorm room I got an e-mail from the coordinator of my program informing that there was another way to get a dorm room. My program reserves some rooms for us, international students, which are distributed independently from personal students’ applications. That was extremely awesome news for me so without a second of hesitation I wrote back telling that I would be delighted if I was given a room directly, without painful waiting. But as you can predict I wasn’t the only one who was interested in that offer. The number of rooms was less than the number of those willing to get one, that’s why the coordinators of my program had to draw a lottery to find out who the lucky ones would be. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I found out that I was one of the fortunate winners!
One of the issues is solved; I got the roof to live under! So, starting from October, 10th I will be one of the dwellers of VAUBAN student dormitory. I must admit that I am really amused about the way students live there. I have already become a follower of VAUBAN’s page on Facebook and needless to say how excited I am to become a part of that community! The area is terrifically beautiful and the dorm itself looks great! I also got to meet some of my future neighbors and they are really nice! I have been offered to go on a bicycle-ride around the city and visit the famous Vaubar… So no reason to worry that I won’t find a helping hand when I’m in need. I wish I could make the time pass faster so I wouldn’t have to wait until October, 10th for another 3 weeks to start settling down in VAUBAN!

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