To-do list

Well, almost all the packing is done (I actually ended up having 2 suitcases instead of one and one big bag of carry-on luggage), all the good-byes are said… So now it’s time to think about the stuff I need to do upon my arrival. There are quite a lot of bureaucracy to be done, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a check-list.

The first place in my list should be given to ordering a ticket. Of course, I booked my plane ticket forever ago, but I’m flying not to Freiburg directly, my destination is Memmingem. From there I will take a train to get to Freiburg. So that’s the ticket which I need to order. Fortunately, such a procedure can be done online and my friend from Germany (we both were exchange students in the USA) has kindly agreed to do that for me as it is impossible to pay for the ticket if you’re outside Germany (well, at least if it possible, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this :-))

The other issues can only be done after I get to Freiburg. To my dorm, to be more precise. I do hope that my train won’t be late and I will successfully collect my room key. If that goes well, another point on my list is to let my family know that I have got to my new home and everything is fine (I truly believe that everything will go smoothly)

Other important issues include unblocking my bank account, getting an insurance and getting my national visa (the one that I have now is only valid for 90 days but I kinda want to stay more than just 3 months in Freiburg :-)). The last but not the least is getting enrolled to the university.

That’s it, concerning bureaucracy. Fortunately, I won’t be left alone to solve all these issues. The Uni found a buddy for me and the international tutors in Vauban will also help me if I’m in need. But that’s no fun, only running from one office to the other and not enjoying the city. So when I’m done with all the things mentioned above, I intend to do the following:
– go to the gym. I’ve chosen MacFit as it seems to be a really great fitness-center (and the founders are brothers Klitschko, my outstanding compatriots!!!)
– get a new phone. Well, that one will be an early Christmas present for myself. I still haven’t decided which operator to choose but O2 offers a really good deal for iPhones so I guess I will opt for it.
– go on excursion around Freiburg. I have already registered for one, which is provided by the university. It seems to me that international students are treated extremely nicely by the university staff!!
– meet my buddy for a coffee. My native city is renowned for its cafes with delicious chocolate and coffee and I’ve grown massively addicted to Lviv coffee and I’m positive that Freiburg won’t let me down either!
– have a drink in famous Vaubar. How could I mention this one on the very end of my list? 😀
– go shopping. I’ve already told what I have to buy, but I guess I will also have to go around the city to look for an optician’s shop where I will be able to get my contact lenses. I also hope that there is some supermarket in my neighbourhood. I’ve also heard of famous food market of Freiburg, which I also intend to visit. As I’m ending this post, it feels so weird. Just 3 months ago I found out that I got accepted to Freiburg University and the academic year seemed to be so far away and I had plenty of time to spend with my family and friends here. But these 3 months passed so quickly and my departure is in 2 days.. I’m excited but at the same time a bit anxious. New people, new culture, new responsibilities.. What if I don’t fit in? What if I don’t manage to study well? So many „what if?“s are on my mind now. But I truly believe that I will overcome all my fears and there will be no need to worry. So, wish me a safe trip! See you in Freiburg!

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