One of the most amazing places to live

As you guys know, I have been granted a room in Vauban student dorm to reside in. At first, I was a little anxious about living there as I thought that it would be hard for me to get along with my neighbours and everything would be completely different from what I’m used to. Yes, that’s true, everything is different, but it’s different in a good way. So let me throw some light on my first 4 days in Vauban dormitory.

First and foremost, people are extremely nice around here. If you need any help, just ask. If you don’t know German, it’s alright, everybody speaks English (But I’m trying my best to speak German, yet sometimes I lack words so the language that I’m speaking is a mixture of German and English :-)) My flat-mates showed me around the area, so now I know where to get food and other stuff so I won’t starve, fortunately. I must admit that I really fancy food shopping here, the REWE supermarket offers any blinking thing you want.

As for my WG, everything is also fine here. I like my room, though it’s not that cosy yet, but actually I’ve been spending most of my time in the kitchen so far. Recently I’ve discovered that I have a passion for cooking so I took advantage of our nice kitchen. I thought that I would have to buy a lot of dishes and kitchen appliances, but why should I do that if there already is everything that I need and it’s ok for me to use it. So yesterday I got inspired and cooked a nice chocolate pie. It doesn’t look that good but who cares if it is so tasty!


Another pleasant thing about living in my WG is that I don’t do all the cleaning myself. Everybody takes turn to either throw away the garbage and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Life is too short to spend much time on house chores 😀 Especially now, when I“m discovering the city and it has loads of things to offer.

By the way, Freiburg proves to be a multi-national city. The other night I went to Vaubar and I met so many foreigners there. Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, French… I bet that there is a representative of every single country here in Freiburg. What is funny about us, foreigners, that we can easily understand each other’s German but when Germans speak, it’s really challenging to get what you are being told, as they talk very fast. But whatever, I’m positive I will get used to the language 😉

I guess I’ll finish now and go for a jog. Because if I carry on with indulging myself with sweets and confectionary, soon I won’t be able to fit any of clothes. Tchüß!!!

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