Getting through with bureaucracy

Hello there! I hope that you are enjoying a nice sunny day as I am, sitting on the terrace and drinking some delicious tea. I do believe that it won’t rain today and I will be able to go for a walk in an hour or so. But now I’d like to talk about something not that pleasant that I will face tomorrow: a looot of paperwork.

Well, I’m a bit exaggerating, there’s not that much for me tomorrow as I have already got some stuff done. I have already unblocked my bank account, which was pretty easy. I just needed to go to the bank (I’m a client of Deutsche Bank) and provide some information like my account number and show my ID. I was told that in a week or two I will get my card and the details for online-banking.

Another point that I got settled is insurance. I didn’t know which insurance company to choose as there so many of them. I found a lot of information on the Internet but yet it didn’t help me. The prices are the same everywhere but the benefits are quite different so it was difficult for me to make up my mind. But one of my friends told me that AOK offers the best service so I didn’t hesitate to become their client. What is strange for me is that health insurance is compulsory in Germany, unlike in Ukraine. But yet I do believe that it’s better to be insured to feel rather relieved that if some emergency happens, there will be someone to take care of you.

So what I have to do tomorrow is to get immatriculated and get my visa stuff done. As for the immatricualtion, everything is also almost done. I just need to pay administration fees and that’s it. That can be done either by bank account transfer of by a cash payment at the University. I chose the latter one as I haven’t seen the university building yet and I’m very eager to do that!

The last thing on my tomorrow to-do list is an appointment at international office. I have already registered as a Freiburg resident (it is possible to do that at Resident Registration Office of the City of Freiburg) and the next step is to visit Immigration Office. I did so on Friday and got an appointment in November. But until then I wouldn’t be able to work and wouldn’t be able to write for the blog. But fortunately there were people who helped me solve that issue (a big thank you to Claudia Sedelmeier and Karl-Heinz Hermle). So some strings were pulled and my appointment was rescheduled for upcoming Monday. I believe everything goes smoothly tomorrow and I will get my student visa without a problem. Well, the weather is too beautiful to stay at home. Let me hurry up and go for a walk before it starts to rain 🙂

3 Gedanken zu “Getting through with bureaucracy

  1. Eine kleine Information zur gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung: Alle gesetzlichen Krankenkassen wie AOK, BARMER-GEK oder Techniker Krankenkasse bieten Studierenden die gleichen Leistungen. Und die Beiträge sind bei allen Kassen gleich hoch.

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