A Hitchhiker’s guide to the Service Platform I

In my last blogpost I shortly explained our Service Platform. This time I want to show you in an illustrated instruction on how to register at our home page.

(A german version of this text is available here.)

First: What are your options on our Service Platform? Room and job search are probably the most interesting features for students. Moreover, you find our Tandem Partnership Program organized by the International Club. You need to register to take part in our Studitours, the Sport and Recreation Program or one of our seminars. Employers or landlords have the option to upload their offers.

In future there will be more ouf our Service offers, like the Baby Sitting Program, Senioren-Service-Börse and much more. As you can see, a registration is worth it.

So, what do you have to do now? You need an account available through registration at our web site. This is how you can register:


Click ‚Login‚/‘Anmelden‚. Enter your log-in data into the drop-down menu. If you do not already have an account, just click ‚Register‚/‘Registrieren

If you do have log-in data, the page should look like this:


However, we are focussing on the registration process right now. Please fill out the following form.


In the next step you can control your data. If everything is correct just click ‚Konto jetzt erstellen!‚ If you notice a mistake in your data, there is the option ‚Zurück zum Formular‚. Correct your submission there.


Next you have to check your e-mail in-box. There you should find an authentication e-mail with the subject ‚Bitte bestätigen Sie ihre Anmeldung bei swfr.de‚. This mail is sent to you so we can be sure you really want an account on our home page. You cannot find the mail? Maybe wait one more minute or check your anti-spam filter.

In this Mail you can now create your account. To do so, click the upper link. If you changed your mind and you do not want an account anymore, click the second link. The Mail you received looks like this:


I just assume you all chose the upper link. 😉 The next page should look like this:


Sooo. There you are. In the heart of our Service Platform. Now please decide what we can do for you. A job, a room or both? No problem here. The basic concept remains the same.


In the following I will explain the procedure for our Job Intermediation. Click ‚Enable for jobsearch‚/‘Jetzt für die Jobsuche freischalten‚. Three more steps follow. After every step please click ‚Weiter‚ or ‚Zurück‚.

Important: After filling out the forms, please visit us at the Infoladen, so we can enable your account for the jobsearch. This works only if you have fulfilled steps 1 to 3. We will always enable you until the end of the running semester if your UniCard is activated properly.

In step 1 please insert your personal data:


In step 2 we need some information about your studies. These will be checked on later, because we want to be sure that only students have access to this part of the Service Platform.


In step 3 please accept our terms of use.


I shorten things here a little bit… 😉

SWFR12If you now made it through all the Filling-in and Clicking you only have to visit us at the Infoladen and you can FINALLY start. Our Service Platform it is a little bit like life itself. The first step is the hardest.

In the second episode of this little series you will find a guide to the Job Intermediation. 😉

Oh WAIT, WAIT! There is still something. Of course there always will be some minor problems. For example you forgot your password and cannot log in. For this we have our ‚Lost your password?‚/‘Passwort vergessen‚ option. Via Mail you will receive a link. Follow it and you can insert a new password. Please wait here also a few minutes and check your anti-spam filter.


And last? Do not forget to Log Out! 😉


If there is any trouble, comments or ideas for improvement just get in contact with us. Either via phone 0761-2101-200 or via info[at]swfr.de. Please remember that proposals for modification sometimes need time to be processed.

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