A Hitchhiker’s guide to the Service Platform II

In the first episode of this little series I explained the registration process and the enablement for our service platform. In this blog post I show you how our Job Intermediation works.

(You find a german version of this text here)

If you have registerted and log into our service platform and you are enabled for our Job Intermediation, the page should look the following.


In this screenshot the user is only enabled for one of the four areas. If more areas get activated, their color will change and the three options that you can see here already appear. Because I want to discuss the Jobs Intermediation here, please click ‚Jobangebote durchsuchen‚/‘Browse job openings‚. You should be routed to the following page.


As you can see there are lots of options to filter the job offers, so only the ones you are interested in will appear. Of course you can search through all our job offers, if that is what you feel like. If there is an interesting job offer, you have the option  to get the contact details of the employer trough ‚Details anfordern‚/‘Request Details‚. Please remember: Any working condition or contract will be between you and the employer. We only provide the platform.

Now the system will ask you again, if you are sure about requesting the details. Also it shows to you the amount of job offers you can request today until the system needs a feedback. You can either close this window, if you do not want to request the details of this job offer, or you can go to the requests you already gave to the system, or you can choose to request the details for the chosen job offer.


When you have requested the job details, check the full job description under ‚Meine gespeicherten Angebote‚/‘my current job requests‚ and receive the contact information of the employer. You can also see here which form of application is required, if the employer has provided this kind of information. In general, small household jobs (cleaning, moving help etc.) are mostly agreed on via phone or e-mail. Companies usually require a full application (written, with CV and correspondence).

For example, this is how a requested job offer looks like:


Down here you have the following three options for giving feedback.

1) Everything alright! You got the job!

2) You have applied but the employer needs more time to choose and give you feedback. To be able to request further job offers you have to choose this option. This job will be shown under ‚Meine gespeicherten Angebote‚/ ‚My requested job offers‚. If you do not want to see that job offer anymore, you can delete them by clicking the small x.

3) D’OH! You did not get the job and have to keep on searching.

After this quite long and detailled blogpost you are nearly pros in the system. The room search works quite the same. Instead of visiting us at the Infoladen to get enabled you only have to upload a digital version of your enrollment certificate.

I wish you the best of luck for your further room and job search!

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