Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

If the answer is „Wie bitte?“ or „No!“, don’t get desperate, there are plenty of chances for you to learn German if you are in Freiburg. I took the opportunity to attend a German language course. Last Thursday I had my first class and I must say that I enjoyed it quite much!

Although I have been learning German at the university for 3 years, it was so difficult for me to turn on German-speaking mode. At the uni we never had enough speaking practice and most of time was devoted to grammar. So the first couple of days in Germany were a bit struggling for me because it was really difficult to communicate. It still is difficult, but way easier than it was 3 weeks ago. But I already started my German course, so I hope that I will be able to learn a lot there.

My group is so versatile. So let me tell you now a bit about the people with whom I will be pursuing German once a week. Really, people from all walks of life have gathered there with the same aim, to learn the language.
First and foremost, I would like to point a professor from Spain. He is a true, passionate Spaniard. He came here to teach Spanish and English at the university. But he doesn’t know German so that’s why he is taking the course. He describes his knowledge as „Untergrundstuffe“ 🙂 But he is really eager and full of enthusiasm so I’m pretty sure that in a while he’ll be speaking German really well. Then there is a lady from Poland here. She actually wasn’t planning to come to Freiburg, but somehow she ended up here. She says it’s just destiny 🙂 Also there’s a guy from China who is getting his PhD in Philosophy here, that’s why he needs German. Well, there also some students from America and Italy, a girl from Japan… and me, of course 🙂

I had only one class so far yet I can tell that I will definitely improve my knowledge there. The teacher explains everything so well and we don’t just do grammar exercises there, we talk a lot, discuss a lot, questions are always welcome. As I’m a teacher myself, I do admit that these are all very useful techniques in learning a foreign language.

So if you need to learn German, do not hesitate and go to the Language Institute of the University which is situated in the building on Universitätstrasse, 5. I’m sure you will be able to find something that will suit you. But if you prefer one-to-one learning to group learining, there is another way for you to learn the language. You can find a tandem-partner who can teach you if you teach him/her in exchange. English, Russian, Spanish speakers are in demand, I would say as there a lot of Germans who are willing to learn these languages. You can find a facebook group to look for a tandem-partner there (I have already found one for myself) or the Language Institute can assist you in this request.

So, as you can see, nothing is impossible for a willing heart. Just take the opportunity and next time you are asked „Sprechen Sie Deutsch?“, the answer will definitely be „Ja, natürlich!“

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