Week 1. Challenges accepted

It’s been a week since my classes started. Well, everything is going pretty well, but the first-week enthusiasm is slowly vanishing. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna play truant or „forget“ about my homework. There are some issues that I find quite difficult so I hope that if you are in the same boat, you can give me some advice on how to tackle them.

First and foremost, the thing that is extremely painful for me is waking up early. Although I need to do that only twice a week since I have no more classes during the other 5 days (how lucky am I, huh?), it is still tough. I set 2 alarm clocks in order not to oversleep and right after I leave my bed I rush to the kitchen to get some coffee. It doesn’t really help, but the process of brewing this delicious drink with the most charming aroma ever raises my spirits. But one mug of coffee is not enough as I’m a coffee addict so I need another cup on my way to the university. Fortunately, Freiburg can boast of having a lot of fine coffee shops, which are slowly robbing my budget, but I just can’t survive without this heavenly drink. Besides, coffee shops are great places for socializing so it’s always nice to have a chat with a friend there.

Another problem is the amount of work I need to do. Everything just started but I’m so overwhelmed with homework, projects, presentations and reading. I know I shouldn’t be complaining as I’m not the only one who needs to do that much work but now most of my evenings are devoted to books and making notes instead of watching some TV serials or going out. A lot of fun, huh 🙂


And what I also find a bit stressful is that my groupmates are so competitive and smart! It’s hard to admit but there are moments when I feel like a complete dummie. But these are just moments and luckily there is chocolate that can make me forget anything negative or disappointing. A good thing that apart from being addicted to coffee, I’m also addicted to the gym so I won’t end up gaining 20 kilo or something like that because of all the stress thing. But tonight I decided to pamper myself a bit 🙂

After reading what I have written above, it seems to me that my life is so depressing and grumpy. But it isn’t like that at all, really. There are some nice people I got to meet and I’m having a really great time here. And what I consider just amazing in Freiburg is commuting. I totally fancy trams and buses here. My university is just a 20-minute drive which is nothing compared to time I spent on commuting back in Ukraine. It took me at least an hour to get to the university. And since I’m not a morning person, a journey in an overcrowded underground train wasn’t really appealing. Right now I’m also considering getting a bike since it’s even more convenient that public transport here. But as winter is just around the corner, I will postpone the bike idea till spring. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Thursday, one of the „early waking up“ days and moreover, I have 4 classes to attend. So I guess I should be heading in the direction of my cosy bed so my morning won’t be that bad 🙂 Have a good night sleeping and I hope you will enjoy Halloween parties!

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