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Although the winter semester has just begun (though this one month seemed to be so long!), it is time to think about what waits for us at the end of it. Unfortunately, it’s not something really appealing and most students hate them (unless they are weird geeks :-D). I believe you have already guessed what I’m hinting at. If not, let me unveil the mystery. I’m talking about exams. Starting from today and with the deadline of Sunday, November 17th, all students are to register electronically for their exams. Actually, I’m not so sure if these dates apply for all students, as far as I understand, they are valid for MAs only. Anyway, I did the registration today and it was a bit confusing as I have never done such a thing before. So I’d like to give you guys some advice on how to conduct this not really complicated procedure.

As you know, all our classes are either study or exam performances. No e-registration is needed for the study performances while it is compulsory for exam performances. So if you want to get your ECTS points for the class, you do need to do the registration. It is possible to do that only within a limited period of time which is set by the Examiner’s Office every semester. You can check the dates here: http://www.geko.uni-freiburg.de/studium/master/pruefanmeld_termine.pdf

And here is a step-by-step guide on exam registration.
1. Using your username and password, login to Campus Management at https://verwaltung.uni-freiburg.de/qis


2. On the left side you will see a menu where you need to click on Apply for exams.


3. The information about exam registration will appear, which you need to read and then click on I accept and Next:


4. Click on your study program, and then choose the module for which you need to register. Having done that, choose the course. Then click on the Apply for exam.


5. Confirm your choice by clicking yes/ja:


6. If you have done everything correctly, a confirmation will appear on the screen. If you want to register for any other exams, you can do so but repeating the process.

7. In order to find out whether your registration has been successful, download the transcript of records ((Leistungsübersicht). The register exams should be there. Here you can see how mine looks like:


So, that’s how it all works. Hope that the above mentioned tips will be of any use for you. Good luck with the registration as well as exams!

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  1. Please note, these dates may differ depending on your examination office and/or course and/or final degree. Be sure to get the right dates!! Your academics should have told you the dates on the first day of class.

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