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There is so much going on in the city, so I desperately need to share some information with you!

Internationale Märchen, Geschichten, Poesie

If you are an international student, and you want to share your culture and traditions with other, this event is just for you! The Night of the Fairy Tales which is taking place on Nov 21 at 20:30 in Mensa Rempastrasse will show you how culturally diverse Freiburg is. The entrance fee is € 2 but if you are an IC member, you don’t have to pay anything! For more information visit the following: https://www.facebook.com/events/1422173168000217/

Unity Mensa Party auf 4 Floors

For all party-lovers there’s also a great event to attend. This Friday in Mensa Rempastrasse there is Unity Mensa Party. More info is available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/523013224460768


Weihnachtsmarkt Freiburg

Another great news is that just in 6 days Weihnachtsmarkt opens and it will be running till Christmas! As I haven’t yet been to a German Weihnachtsmarkt, I’m definitely in for a treat! It seems to me that Christmas Market will be one of my favourites (along with Glühwein and coffee) this winter.


Also make sure that you will watch all the parts of Home Alone and other Christmas movies before the holiday comes! And don’t forget to get the presents for your family and friends! Hope you are having fun getting ready for the holiday!

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