Are you SAD this winter???

Although the weather has been treating us quite well over the past couple of days (no rain and no snow, hopefully), according to the calendar from today on it’s officially winter time. This automatically means cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, longer nights, winter blues, SAD… The last abbreviation speaks for itself, many people indeed feel depressed during winter time. So if you get tired easily, crave for sweets, feel lack of motivation, SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, may be to blame. But if dark days are getting you down, there are things you can do to feel better again!

So what can you do to feel happy, not SAD, in winter? Here are a couple of tips which really save me as I’m not a winter person at all.

1. Get light.

If winter depression is all about the lack of light, try to go outside as often as you can, especially on bright days.

2. Watch what you eat

A healthy diet will boost your spirits and will prevent you from gaining weight over winter time. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and don’t forget to occasionally pamper yourself with some chocolate 🙂

3. Keep active

Another weapon against SAD is to stay active. Go for a walk, do sports… Evenings in front of a TV set are definitely not effective if you are trying to overcome SAD.

4. Take up a new hobby

As well as keeping your body active, keeping your mind active is a powerful means in battling SAD.

5. Give someone a hug

Everyone like being hugged. It’ll make both of you feel great. And warm as well!

So basically these are the tips that work for me in overcoming winter side effects. But along with the side effects winter time has many advantages. As Christmas is coming, I can’t wait to watch all these Christmas movies (Home Alone, Harry Potter) and of course I’m looking forward to finally going to Weihnachtsmarkt!!! By the way, Christmas market in Freiburg is considered to be one of the best five in Europe! How cool is that!

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