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Having read Lena’s post about the Christmas presents, I started thinking about the gifts as well. Because even though there’s still lots of time (almost 3 weeks until the holiday do sound like tons of time, huh?), they will fly like a bird. So if you’re struggling with what to present your friends with, or where to find something nice, here are a couple of worthy ideas.

Stijl DesignMarkt

If you are’re not a fan of some standard presents and you want your gifts to be creative, then you should definitely visit this event! 50 young designers from all Germany are going to present their originality: you’ll be able to find clothes, accessories, furniture and what not!

Where: Mensa Rempardstrasse
When: 7.–8.12.2013 / SA 12–20, SD 12–18
How much: 3 €/5 €
Facebook event: click here

Endlich FREIburg!

But what if you haven’t found any presents for your friends at the Design market? No worries, here’s a nice idea for a gift. You can present your friends with the tickets for the new student musical Endlich FREIburg. The musical is about a young girl Lena, who arrives to Freiburg with high hopes and expectations to start a new life as a student here. But such frustrating experiences as having no place to live, being homesick, having no money could let her down… But will they? See the musical and find out!Where: Mensa Rempardstrasse
When: Premiere is on Thursday, 9th of January 2014, 8.00 p.m.
How much: € 16 / € 9 for students and pupils
Find more information about the performers and dates here.

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