UniCross: Students‘ Online Magazine

Are you interested in journalism? Has it always been your dream to conduct interviews and write articles? So if you don’t know where to develop your journalist skills, here’s an option: UNICROSS. This is a portal for campus media by University of Freiburg students. Being guided by experienced journalists, students learn how to write and how to speak and also master all other skills which are important for being a great journalist.

There are three departments in the UNICROSS network: online editorial staff (here), uni-tv (here) and uni-radio (here)

UNICROSS reports on everything that has to do with the University of Freiburg: studying, student life, as well as things that are of interest to people outside the university: sports, various events, helpful tips for finding a job. Eventually, Kathrin Ritzka also wrote an article about our blog and interviewed me(click here to read the article). It felt kinda weird actually since I had never been interviewed before 😀 But I did like such experience 🙂

Everyone who is enrolled at the university can participate. There are courses for all three areas which will help you get started, but those are not obligatory. The experienced staff is really helpful to the newcomers, and prior experience is also not a must.

So if you indeed are willing to work as a journalist, don’t hesitate and get in touch with UNICROSS. Here is all the information about how to apply.

But if you don’t want to participate, but still want to get the freshest news about the university life, here you can subscribe for the UNICROSS Newsletter. You’ll get all the news every month and will be kept up to date!

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