The perks of being a student in Germany

Admit it, being a student is always great. Lots of parties and fun, making new friends, tons of new experiences and a lot of opportunities, and this is just a couple of benefits of university life. But being a student in Germany can be even more wonderful as the list of the advantages goes far beyond. Apart from above mentioned perks there are some more which will make your student life truly unforgettable.

No tuition fees

If you are looking for a good university but can’t afford to pay high tuition fees, then Germany is the right choice. This country offers the students, both native and foreign,the right to tuition-free education. However, there is quite a long application process, which is especially tough for international students. But once a university has selected you, you only have to pay mandatory semester fees, at amount of around 200-250 euros. Fees include enrollment fee, administrative fee and student activity fee. And even though you don’t have to pay much to study in Germany, you do get some reward anyway. Your student card will also cut down your expenses by offering discounts at various events like theaters, cinemas, museums as well as foods and clothing. A good website to help find some discounts in your city is Just select your city and a list of offers and discounts for your city will be shown.

Inexpensive lifestyle

Compared to other countries, Germany is quite cheap. Although you will have to spend quite a lot of money on housing, especially if you live in a student city such as Freiburg, where it is really hard to find accommodation, but apart from that, you won’t need that much money. You will spend roughly 150 euros on groceries every month if you prefer to dine in rather than dine out. If you don’t like cooking, then you’ll have to spend more on food, which is not that bad, because you don’t have to fork out to get a nice meal in Germany. And even though eating at home is cheaper and often healthier, you should still try some local foods.
One more thing you’ll be spending your money on is clothing. This point in your budget depends on your shopaholism. But still, Germany has a lot of great deals. These are seasonal sales where the prices can be reduced up to 90 per cent, or various flea markets where you can get something exclusive and unique for very little money.

Reduced travelling costs

Another great perk to being a student is a travel discount. A lot of universities offer a semester ticket as part of the registration fees. This ticket allows you to travel within the city for free. This includes all kinds of public transport available in your city: bus, tram, underground. But if the semester ticket is not included as a part of the semester fee, you can buy it at your university or at a local transport office. In Freiburg, the price for the semester ticket is about 90 euros, which is definitely not bad because it’s valid for 6 months and you get to travel for free not only within the city but also to the neighbouring cities.

International programs

If learning incredibly tough German doesn’t make you feel very happy, go ahead and enroll in an international program. You can either do a semester or a year abroad, depending on how long you want to study abroad. You’ll get a chance to travel, make new friends and see how the education system works in other countries. Check on your university international office to get the information about the studies abroad. Quite often there are info-sessions on how to apply for various international programs. Don’t miss the info-session on studying in Australia this coming Thursday, January, 23. More information available here.

True Friendships

Germans are known to be odd and quite often too straight-forward. They also might have a twisted sense of humour. And even though it might be a bit of a turn-off in the beginning, don’t be afraid to discover Germans because they can be friends for a lifetime. Be friendly and open and soon you’ll meet many wonderful people who will support you in any life situation you encounter.

I hope I haven’t missed anything. But if I have, please, share your experience of being a student and Germany and tell what other benefits and advantages you are entitled to. Thanks in advance!

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