12 Weird Reasons to Celebrate

International Sweatpants Day, Pirate Language Day, Beer Day… Definitely, there are lots of festivals and holidays of most unusual origin. So if you are feeling the post-holiday blues, or just need a reason to celebrate, here are 12 tips on how to turn an ordinary day into a party.


January, 21: International Sweatpants Day

Be sure to wear sweatpants on this day! It’s a tribute day to the comfiest casual wear: jogging pants. And even though it is really an odd reason to celebrate, after all, around 50 thousand people worldwide follow the call on Facebook.

February, 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

This is a favorite day of many people and groups. It gives another chance to show a little kindness to others, which is definitely a good thing to do. And it also makes both the giver and the receiver feel good.
So, now you know what to do on February, 21. Just perform a few random acts of kindness. Almost any kind deed will do. And don’t forget that karma eventually comes back around 🙂

March, 8: Be Nasty Day

Although in most cultures this day is the International Women’s Day, it is also a day to have an excuse for doing something not really nice. Indeed, there are naughty days, as well as nice days, and you might be a bit grumpy. But I do hope you don’t celebrate this day, but if you do, please keep in mind that there is a big difference between being nasty and being cruel. So don’t overexaggerate!

April, 1: April Fools Day

Traditionally, April Fool’s Day is an opportunity for playing jokes or tricks on one another. The stranger and the more absurd the better! But be aware that all tricks or jokes must be harmless and fun! Another piece of advice would be to think twice before pulling a joke on your boss or professor, even if he or she is knows to have a good sense of humor. You never know in what way they will react to a joke and the consequences might be not so funny as the joke was supposed to be.

May, 4: Star Wars Day

Actually, Star Wars Day is a word play, it is on May, 4 because of a famous quote from the hugely popular blockbuster „May the Force (Fourth) be with you“. Here are a few great ways to celebrate Star Wars Day: you can watch (or re-watch) any of the great Star Wars movies or even have a marathon and watch more than one episode. You can also get a laser sword and practice for the next invasion from the Evil Empire. You can also have a Star Wars Costume party which will definitely be tons of fun!

June, 5: World Environment Day

World Environment Day focuses attention on important environmental issues. Its aim is to stimulate and provoke worldwide awareness of the environment issues and show how important it is to be eco-friendly. Here’s how you can contribute to the celebration: you can participate in World Environment Day activities or help to create awareness of the issues. Take care of the Earth and it will take care of you!

July, 7: Chocolate Day

A perfect opportunity to eat you favorite chocolates in ample portions and not feel guilty. Can there be a better excuse to overindulge yourself with your favorite food treat? And didn’t you actually know that chocolate is a fruit? It comes from the cacao tree fruits so it is also a fruit!
I don’t need to tell you what to do to celebrate this day, do I? Eat Chocolate!

August, 13: Left Hander’s Day

If you are a Leftie, then this is your day! The world is built for right handers. Examples are everywhere: have you ever seen left-handed desks at schools? Or scissors? Even a computer mouse is designed for right-handed people. What is more, if you manage to find some stuff for lefties, it costs more. So it ain’t easy being a leftie!

September, 6: Fight Procrastination Day

To many people, procrastination is a way of life. The more difficult the action or decision, the easier it is to join the procrastinators‘ club. So it’s a day to get things done, a call for action! Another chance to fight procrastination. Make a decision, take action, do it now, do it today, no matter how hard it may be!
So fight procrastination and never put of until tomorrow what you can do today!

October, 14: Bald and Free Day

10Bald and Free Day honors those of us with a beautiful, shiny top. You don’t have to be bald to celebrate this day.
Enough for bald jokes! There will be zero tolerance for them on October, 14! Rather, it is a day to cherish and appreciate the freedom that comes with being bald. While the rest of us are spending money on hair cuts, hair shampoo, hair sprays, combs, bald-headed guys are laughing and saving so much money! Besides, they don’t have to worry about losing their hair or turning grey. So, if you are bald, enjoy your freedom, as you celebrate Bald and Free Day!

November, 20: Absurdity Day

Isn’t it totally absurd that there is such a day? Crazy or not, Absurdity Day is staring you right in the face.
Some days are truely illogical and senseless, they exactly fall into the definition of Absurdity Day. So that’s probably natural that there is such a day in the calendar.
Celebrate this day in an absurd manner. Don’t sit back waiting for something absurd to happen. Rather, seek out things to do that are somewhat, if not wholly, illogical. Have fun with it. Whatever you do, don’t try to make sense with it.

December, 8: National Brownie Day
Chocolate lovers love not only chocolate, they love brownies as well. So no wonder that we have a special day to celebrate brownies and get another reason to treat ourselves to this mouth-watering dessert!
It’s fun and easy to enjoy this special day. Just select your favorite brownie recipe, bake a batch of brownies, and eat them! You can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack!

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