How to Pay Less for Textbooks

Textbooks in university sometimes can be super-expensive and not many people take these sky-high prices into account when creating a student budget. I know some people who spend around 300 euros for textbooks each semester! It is just crazy how fast the costs can add up! Seeing how much some students have to pay for the books, you are likely to search for some alternatives to paying full prices for the textbooks. I came up with some suggestions on how to save a bunch of money and at the same time learn just as much.


With the high price of textbooks being a huge source of stress for students, sharing a textbook with a friend is one of the best alternatives to paying full price for textbooks.If you want to pay half price for a textbook and at the same time have a study buddy, then one of the alternatives is sharing a book with a friend. Two of you can take turns reading the book and then get together to discuss the reading and swap notes.


Some book stores are very student-friendly and they’ve come up with an option to rent a book rather than to buy it. If you don’t need to highlight your textbooks, renting a book instead of buying it can be a money-saver for you. This alternative is a bit cheaper (you do have to pay a rent fee anyway!) but you do have to be really careful and take good care of the book. If you return it in poor condition or if you lose it, most companies will charge you a hefty fine!


If you are high-tech and use Kindle or iPad or any other device, an e-book definitely is a great alternative for you. It takes a lot of effort and expenses for companies to actually produce and ship a textbook, e-books tend to be cheaper than a hard copy. It also helps you go green because it saves a TON of paper in printing!


Having friends and using the Internet wisely can be in handy when it comes to getting textbooks. You may ask any of your groupmates to check whether they are willing to sell any of their books. But in most cases you don’t even need to ask yourself. Many people who want to sell their books do that via facebook or e-bay. Just be sure to check the Internet 🙂 Buying second-hand books will save you a ton of money on the one hand and on the other hand you also get to know the people who study the same things as you do so you know who to ask for study help if you need.


Even though there are so many wonderful bookstores in Freiburg and it might seem way more convenient to stop by a store to buy textbooks (and just browse around as well), it will definitely make a dent in your wallet. It you want a discount on textbooks, try to shop around online for the cheapest option. The best web-sites for book-shopping are e-bay and amazon of course. But to see if you can get a book at a lower price, just google it and you’ll see that amazon or e-bay don’t limit your options. It might take some time for shipping though so make sure you order the books you need in advance.


Most of the books you need are usually available in the university library. Taking a library book is the most money-saving tip but unfortunately, you are not the only one willing to get a certain book. So you will have to wait for a while to get the book you need. Or some books might be allowed to use only in the reading hall. Which is also not a great thing. But look, there are advantages anyway. If you can’t take a book home, you will definitely be able to concentrate better in a reading hall because there are way less things that might distract your attention.


If you really want to save money and don’t mind spending a while standing by a copy machine, you can always borrow the book from a friend or take it in the library and copy the pages you need. Even though it takes some time, but it certainly is one of the cheapest options.

Textbooks are definitely a huge headache for any student. Most of the time, you need a book only for one specific article. But most of the time, this article is not available online so you have to get the book. But I do hope that with these alternatives you just read you’ll be able to save up buying books and spend this money going out or buying something more hmmm useful than books 🙂

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