Arsenic and Old Lace: make sure not to miss!

If you are a theater fan, you don’t want to miss this! Arsenic and Old Lace is a performance by maniACTs, the English Department drama group.

Dramatic critic Mortimer Brewster is shocked to discover that his lovely spinster aunts have been running a bizarre charity from their Brooklyn home: Together they take in single old gentlemen and offer them a lasting refuge from themisery of a lonely life -by poisoning them. As Mortimer tries to cover up the whole affair, neither of his brothers prove helpful: One is convinced he’s President Roosevelt, the other shows up with a corpse in the car and more murder on his mind. Hilarity ensues!

The opening night is around the corner! Be sure to make some time to go and see the performance!

The play will be performed on the following dates:

February, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 at 19:30 in Theatersaal in Alte Uni.

You can get the tickets at Walthari book store or directly in the English Department at the university. One more way to purchase the tickets is to write an e-mail to the following address:

The admission is 8 euros (reduced price is 5 euros).

P.S. Here’s an exclusive glimpse at what expects you. And no, these women are not as harmless as they might appear!

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