Valentine’s Day: Make It Memorable!

The most romantic day of the year is approaching and even thought it has become so commercialized and cheesy, finding unique ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day makes it better. Restaurants, flowers and sweets are always nice but we may be sick and tired of them already. Don’t just go to a dinner and a movie, explore other options in your town and find something to do that is more unexpected. And by the way, the more creative, the less of a crowd you’ll have to worry about!

So, what can you do to make your St. Valentine’s day memorable and unique? Here’s some of my thoughts on what I would do if my boyfriend wasn’t all the way down in Australia 🙂


This option is for couples who live together. Create a trail of love notes around the house to represent your love and celebrate the day. At the end of the trail of notes you can place a special gift so you have grand finale to this path. One of the best “grand finale” gifts is a photo album of pictures of you two together.


Create a song for your loved one this Valentine’s Day and profess your love and soul. If you have the time and energy, create a recording on a CD so your sweetie can listen to this again and again. And if you are not confident with your singing ability just yet, hold off on the CD and stick to just belting it out with love and passion (and if you are like me, make sure your windows are closed so the neighbors won’t hear)!


Setting up a surprise scavenger hunt will leave your date yearning for information! It will drive one crazy not knowing what to expect. There are so many creative ways of setting up this hunt: the simplest way is to buy some present and then give directions the whole day to try to find it; one more way, which is a bit more extravagant, is to set up a map of places your date should visit before he/she meets you at your favorite restaurant/cafe/etc. Both exciting and romantic: what else do you need?


Make for your date a basket or package of things you know he/she likes. For a movie buff, include DVDs, candy and a bag of popcorn. For a coffee lover, include a bag of his favorite flavor, biscotti and some fancy-flavored creamer. I’m sure such a gift won’t be left unappreciated!


Definitely, it’s the least romantic idea, but if you are looking for something fun to do and haven’t been bowling in a long time, this would be perfect to add to your list of date ideas for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great idea for a group Valentine’s Day date if you are going with other couples or celebrating a single ladies‘ date night.

Most of the date ideas above are obliously for those whose hearts have been taken and for those of us who are single, Valentine’s day comes with a sickening, “in your face, single person” sort of attitude. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in with the fun! Valentine’s Day isn’t just about togetherness for couples — it’s about love in general!

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