International Students: What You Need to Do before You Leave Germany

The end of the semester is just around the corner (well, for some of us it is over already) and now it’s definitely time to think what to do over the long-long spring break. But for some of us the end of the semester signals that it’s time to leave beautiful Freiburg and head home. That refers to some international students, such as ERAMSUS participants (even though I’m international, too, I’m definitely staying here for another couple of semesters, hopefully). But before leaving for your motherland, make sure to have a gorgeous farewell party but also don’t forget to take care of some bureaucratic issues.

If you are forgetful, making a list is always a good option to get more organized. Here’s a checklist of the things you have to do before you leave Germany.

 Student dorms
• Inform the Studentenwerk of the date you are moving out: it may be possible for the Studentenwerk to lease your room to someone else so that you won’t have to pay rent any longer. Usually, dorm rooms are in demand, even over the breaks because there are a lot of students coming to Germany for language courses and they need housing.
• Make an appointment with the “Hausmeister” for a move out inspection. He will give you a form which will allow you to collect your deposit you paid at the beginning of the semester (Kaution). If you want to avoid expensive international transfer fees, it is possible to collect your deposit in cash at the Studentenwerk.

 Deregistration at the Resident Registration Office
Make sure to pay a visit to the Resident Registration Office of the City of Freiburg (Bürgeramt), Baslerstr. 2 to cancel your city registration. If you live outside Freiburg, you must deregister at the Residence Registration Office of the town in which you live.

 Unicard
If you have any money on your Unicard, make sure to get it back! You can reimburse it at the Mensa Rempardstrasse.

 Exmatriculation

• Exmatriculation is conducted at the Studierendensekretatiat, Sedanstrasse 6. Don’t forget to bring your green book and UniCard.
• You will also have to fill in exmatriculation form: you can either download one here or get it directly at Studierendensekretariat.
• Also, you have to return all the books that you have borrowed from the university library. Also, Regardless whether you have used the library or not, you still have to go there to get a stamp.
• If you are leaving before the official end of the semester, make sure you have a person at Studierendensekretariat write the actual date of exmatriculation. By doing so, you won’t have to pay health insurance fees till the end of the semester (September).

 Close your bank account
When you are closing your bank account, don’t forget to take your de-registration form from the city.

 Cancel health insurance
• If you have to cancel your health insurance, be sure to bring your proof of exmatriculation (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung). Unfortunately, you do have to pay the monthly fee till the end of the Semester, which is September. But you can actually skip paying if you have closed your bank account: then the money simply can’t be collected.
• Return your insurance card to the health insurance office.

 Get a transcript of records
To do this, you will have to contact the Erasmus department and they will help you.

The list is quite long but it won’t take more than a day to get all the stuff done. The farewell party is not on the list though, but you do have to throw one! I’m sure you’ve met lots of amazing people here and had a blast so it definitely will be great to celebrate and have fun one more time!

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