Enjoy the Spring in Freiburg’s Parks!

I am pretty sure that even those who are still under the burden of writing their term papers find it impossible not to enjoy the weather that this spring is granting us! While it is still snowing back in Ukraine, spring is already in the full swing here, in Freiburg! As I’m (finally!) done with all the writing I was supposed to get done, I can enjoy these amazing spring days without a pang of consciousness. And since Freiburg is recognized for being a green city, there are plenty of wonderful parks where you can adore the beautiful Freiburg spring.

In total, Freiburg offers 500 hectares of public green spaces, stretching from the outskirts of the city right into its heart. Definitely a great variety of choice, huh? So if you still don’t know anything about the parks of Freiburg (but are willing to find out), you are on the right page!


The Colombipark is directly in the heart of the city, very close to the university as well as to all shops and cafes. So if you are having a busy day in the city and need a break, the Colombipark is definitely a place to rest! In the shadows of 70-year-old chestnut trees you can observe the busy inner-city bustle from a comfortable distance.


One of the most popular green spaces within the city of Freiburg which has a lot to offer: Japanese garden, a playground for children, stadium, mini golf courses, boat rental… Originally, the grounds of the Seepark were used for agricultural purposes, but I must admit that the way these soils are used now is much better!


The peculiarity of the Schlossberg is its location: it is located on the hilltop. I’m totally sure that it is definitely worth getting up that hill. Like no other park, the Schlossberg has lots of possibilities for long-long walks. The Schlossberg also offers fantastic views of the entire city of Freiburg and the Black Forest. There is also a cable road leading to the restaurant Dattler. SO if you still don’t know where to go to at the weekend, the Schlossberg is definitely your choice!

It is a well-kept garden with features such as rose garden, perennial beds, fountains and a pond. The City Garden is situated in the city centre and if you enjoy flowers, about 500 rose bushes of 250 varieties will definitely drain you to this wonderful park!

This wonderful park offers not only beautiful architecture, but there are also a lot of various events organized on the grounds of Eschholzpark. During the World Championships in 2006 and 2010 the venue was used for public viewing of football games. Since 2005, every three years the Friedrich Weinbrenner School organizes the European Stone Festival in Freiburg.

Are there any other green places in Freiburg that you enjoy spending your time at? If yes, please, let me know so I will be able to discover the city to the fullest 🙂

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