You have been living in Germany for a long time if…


Some time ago I wrote a post about the things every foreigner should know before they go to Germany. Now it’s time to write about what you get used to if you have spent quite an amount of time in Deutschland.

So, you have already lived in Germany for a long time if:

– You consider yourself to be a beer expert

– You’ve quit drinking tea and switched to coffee

– If you are paying a visit to someone, you don’t really bother to take off your shoes

– If someone tells you that they live on the first floor, you don’t ask whether the person lives on the fist or on the second floor (Erdgeschloss is a nice word, huh?)

– You have given up on remembering the articles (der? die? das? come on, nobody cares 🙂

– You have accepted the fact that a native German may have been born outside Germany

– You don’t even care about a person’s nationality at all

– The fact that the German for „delicious“ is a verb doesn’t sound weird to you any more

If anything of the abovementioned applies to you, then you’ve been stuck in Germany for a while. Like it or hate it, but you are indeed being Germanized then!

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