My First Flohmarkt on the Other Side of Stall

Once I saw the announcement about the forthcoming 15. Student-Flea market on Studierendenwerk Freiburg’s Facebook page, I knew I had to be there! Because come on, who doesn’t like flea markets!? Walking around the stalls with anticipation of coming across the most interesting, unusual and sometimes nostalgic things, plus for a very affordable price! What can one ask for more? Nothing, right? Well, no. You can ask for more, just keep on reading…By the way, if you haven’t realized, I am a fan of flea markets and second hand shops. Being the new owner of a previously loved item has its own charm and satisfaction (oh so many cute dresses!)

16229532_10154970878175850_1557747323_o.jpg(the poster at the entrance of my dorm’s board)

So, anyways, I let my friend know of this flea market then I realize what one can ask for more from a flea market: being a seller instead of a buyer, even for once! So we decide to have a stall for ourselves. We send an e-mail to SWFR to join the lottery (the demand is high) and to our surprise within two days we got a reply that announces we got lucky! We were informed about the dates, place and rules (obviously there are things you cannot sell). AND HURRAY! We were excited but clueless for neither of us have never been on the other side of the stall at a flea market. Well, there is a first to everything!

On 22nd January morning we were at the queue before Mensa’s entrance with many people. We looked at our own small shopping bag and a cabin size luggage next to peoples’ boxes, BIG luggage and shopping racks (we, the rookies, couldn’t think of such a thing!) and laughed at ourselves. “Well” we said, “It will be a fun experience”. After showing our student ID’s to pay the stall fee with student discount, we were given a number and told to pick an empty place. It was already a bit busy with the sellers getting ready for incoming people within half an hour or so, thus we quickly chose a place and fixed up our goods while thinking of ways to make our stall colorful and attractive (NO! Don’t put the trousers there, I think you should put the green one on top etc. –I told you we were rookies.)

16229976_10154970878365850_325645294_o.jpg(settling in)

Then we started to wait for our first customers while giggling and looking around with curiosity and excitement (trying to keep each other at place “hey we are here to sell today not to buy!” And that took some self-control). Let me tell you, there was an amazing variety of stuff at the market. From records, to tableware; from authentic toys and decorative things bought in distant places of the globe to shoes and clothes –both new and vintage. What stroke me the most was the diversity of visitors as well as the stall owners. There were people from all ages. The elderly lady next to us had some fascinating toys, jewelry and glassware. There were families, students, young professionals among visitors and sellers. Towards noon we had a rush hour among the stalls. It was fun to watch people approaching your stall, going through stuff and sometimes trying them on and asking their friends’ opinions.16245055_10154970878915850_598512070_o.jpg(rush hour)

Around lunch break it turned a bit quiet but it was okay since we were hungry too! Another thing I liked about being at the other side of the stall that we were not forgotten and left to our own devices when it comes to food and toilets. Down at the cafeteria there was delicious pretzel sandwiches, crêpes and whatnot! Also the toilets were available and clean. As it approached to 2:30-3:00 pm we got a second wave of crowd which was fun to deal with (we felt sleepy after lunch and it was quiet warm in there with nice music at the background). We wished ourselves luck for the last hour as we were to close at 4 pm. When the time to close came we packed our things and a staff member put a green sticker on hour stall number card and we lined in queue again to get our deposit back since we left the place clean and unharmed. I found out from the responsible staff that there were 130 stalls in total in three floors.16196223_10154970878975850_870290074_o.jpg(time to go)

It was over and it was so much fun that it proved my affection towards flea markets right! I would definitely to it again and would recommend you as well since it is so much fun and a different way to chat with people if you are into that! Yes, finally about the earnings, we didn’t leave the place as rich women but we could treat ourselves a pizza for each at the end which is satisfactory I would say! There will probably be one more flea market in summer season so keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities and announcements.

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