March for Science – Freiburg

It is 2017 yet we are discussing whether subjective opinions or vague claims can be replaceable with scientifically proven facts. But here we are, faced with a fairly new term: alternative facts. The term has entered our lives in January 2017 with the inauguration of Donald Trump and at the beginning it referred to the „exaggerated“ and false claim of numbers regarding the people who attended the inauguration ceremony. However, within a short span of time the term has spread and caused big discussions. It is a fact, and not an alternative one, that language matters and how we address to things also shapes the way we perceive and internalize them. So that’s why scientists from all over the world are walking to protest alternative facts as opposed to scientifically proven facts.


See, this is not only about laws of physics or chemical reactions; it is about rhetoric, the freedom of speech and repression of scientists and restriction of academicians and the discourses that shape a society. So if you are around in Freiburg on Saturday April 22 join the march and walk beside other scientists, students and professors! It will start at 11:00 a.m. at the university’s inner courtyard and will end in Augustiner Platz. On the same day there will be marches worldwide – in more then 350 cities. These Marches for Science will bring people from various disciplines together to raise their voice against repression and distortion of scientific facts for political goals. It is a cause worth raising your voice for so be there whether you are a junior student, Erasmus or an alumni. This is a non-partisan gathering for people who believe that there are no alternatives to facts! So here is the Facebook event link if you are interested:

Stick to the scientific facts, people!

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