10 Books That are Set in Black Forest Region

If you can’t get enough of the nature’s beauty around here from your hikes, camping trips or casual walks how about READING books that are set around Freiburg and generally Black Forest?! As a literature student this sounds more than intriguing to me so I made a list for you! Read to your heart’s content, recommend it to your friends who are curious about what kind of place you live around.

Since Black Forest itself is a sublimely beautiful place that is subject to many legends and mysteries expect lots of Gothic fiction, Thriller and Adventure books in this list! If you have any recommendations please don’t forget to leave them on comments! Here we go

1) In Free Fall by Juli Zeh

In Free Fall
“Against the backdrop of Germany and Switzerland, two physicists begin a dangerous dance of distrust. Friends since their university days, when they were aspiring Nobel Prize candidates, they now interact in an atmosphere of tension, stoked by Oskar’s belief that Sebastian fell into mediocrity by marrying. When Sebastian’s son, Liam, is apparently kidnapped, their fragile friendship is further tested. Entrusted with uncovering the truth, Detective Superintendent Schilf discerns a web of blackmail, while at the same time the reality of his personal life falls into doubt. Unfolding in a series of razor-sharp scenes, In Free Fall is a riveting novel of ideas from a major new literary voice.”

2) Memories from the Black Forest by Elsa Lydia Lieber, Anita Daina Bukalders

Memories from Black Forest

“A collection of heart-warming stories about a young girls experience growing up on a farm during World War II in Germany, her journey to a new life in America, and how it affected her life and beliefs. Short vignettes about day to day life, sacrifices, living conditions, family, faith, and classmates are told from a child s point of view, with humour and a voice of wisdom reflecting back on it all. Full colour pages feature vintage photos and original artwork by the author.”

3) Eifelheim by Michael Flynn


“In 1349, one small town in Germany disappeared and has never been resettled. Tom, a contemporary historian, and his theoretical physicist girlfriend Sharon, become interested. Tom indeed becomes obsessed. By all logic, the town should have survived, but it didn’t and that violates everything Tom knows about history. What’s was special about Eifelheim that it utterly disappeared more than 600 years ago?

Tom and Sharon, and Father Dietrich, have a strange and intertwined destiny of tragedy and triumph in this brilliant SF novel by the winner of the Robert A. Heinlein Award.”

4) On the Night of the Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt

On the night of

“According to ancient Black Forest legend, on the Night of the Seventh Moon, Loke, the God of Mischief, is at large in the world. It is a night for festivity and joyful celebration. It is a night for singing and dancing. And it is a night for love.

Helena Trant was enchanted by everything she found in the Black Forest — especially its legends. But then, on the Night of the Seventh Moon, she started to live one of them, and the enchantment turned suddenly into a terrifying nightmare.”

5) Solomon Kane: Skulls in the Stars by Robert E. HowardBottom

solomon kane

“He was a Puritan, who flinched not from the gates of Hell. Tall, gaunt, hollow-eyed in his opposition to the forces of darkness, he defied the devil himself. Kane, cold, steely-nerved duellist, snatched his long rapier from its sheath and thrust it into the heart of evil… Ghoulish laughter follows him . Foul horror haunts his way. Kane, a man whose blood quickens with adventure. Kane, a man more dangerous than a famished wolf.”

6) The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey

chemistry of tears

“The 19th-century father of a sickly boy, who is constantly searching for distractions to keep his son alive, and a modern museum curator mourning the suddn death of her lover. The dismembered automaton is delivered to Catherine Gehrig in eight tea chests by a colleague who believes that reassembling it will distract her from her grief. Packed in with it are the diaries of Henry Brandling, which recount his journey to the Black Forest, the centre of German clock-making, to meet a master craftsman capable of building a mechanical duck that can eat and excrete.

A mere duck will not do for the clockmaker, any more than clockwork, for all its engrossing ingenuity, will do for Carey. As well as being the birthplace of the cuckoo-clock, the Black Forest is the spiritual home to the German fairytale. The clockmaker’s final, fantastic creation – reassembled and reanimated by Catherine in a classic Carey setpiece – is as much a creation of human yearning for the resolution of a story as it is an assembly of cogs and wheels.”

7) Snow White Red-Handed (Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery #1) by Maia Chance

Snow White

“Miss Ophelia Flax is a Victorian actress who knows all about making quick changes and even quicker exits. But to solve a fairy-tale crime in the haunted Black Forest, she’ll need more than a bit of charm.

1867: After being fired from her latest variety hall engagement, Ophelia acts her way into a lady’s maid position for a crass American millionaire. But when her new job whisks her off to a foreboding castle straight out of a Grimm tale, she begins to wonder if her fast-talking ways might have been too hasty. The vast grounds contain the suspected remains of Snow White’s cottage, along with a disturbing dwarf skeleton. And when her millionaire boss turns up dead—poisoned by an apple—the fantastic setting turns into a once upon a crime scene.”

8) The Necromancer, or The Tale of the Black Forest by Karl Friedrich Kahlert


“One of the earliest Gothic bestsellers, „The Necromancer“ was first published in 1794, and after more than two centuries still retains the power to thrill and fascinate readers.

“The hurricane was howling, the hailstones beating against windows, the hoarse croaking of the raven bidding adieu to autumn, and the weather-cock’s dismal creaking joined with the mournful dirge of the solitary owl…“ „The Necromancer“ consists of a series of interconnected stories, all centering on the enigmatic figure of Volkert the Necromancer. Filled with murder, ghosts, and dark magic, and featuring a delirious and dizzying plot that almost defies comprehension, „The Necromancer“ is one of the strangest horror novels ever written.”

9) A Walk in Wolf Wood by Mary Stewart

A walk in woolf wood

“John and Margaret Begbie are picnicking with their parents in the Black Forest when they are mysteriously spirited back through time into the Middle Ages. There they meet Mardian, one-time servant and closest friend of Duke Otho, ruler of the country. He tells them a terrible secret – he is under the enchantment of the evil sorcerer Almeric, and is forced to assume a wolf’s shape every night. Unable to return to the castle, the children are his only hope. And so John and Margaret disguise themselves as children of the court and embark on a thrilling and frightening quest to reveal Almeric’s true nature and gain the Duke’s confidence. But then Almeric becomes suspicious, and suddenly all their lives are in danger.”

10) Castle of the Wolf by Sandra Schwab

castle of the woolf

“Celia Fussell’s father is dead, and she is reduced to the status of a poor relation in the house of her brother, the new baron, and his shrewish wife. A life of misery looms ahead.

But, no. There is hope. Deep in the Black Forest, in the Great Duchy of Baden, stands Celia’s inheritance. Among fir trees so dark they almost look black, The Castle of Wolfenbach rises. It is a fortress of solitude, of secrets, of old wounds and older mysteries. But it is hers. And only one thing stands in her way: its former master, the hermit, the enigma . . . the man she is obliged to marry.”










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