The long-debated and protested law has passed which means that The State of Baden-Württemberg reintroduces tuition fees for international students beginning from this winter semester, namely 2017/2018. The law requires international students to pay 1,500 euros per semester. So if you are already a registered student this law does not affect you; however, your friends, acquintances who have heard about beautiful Freiburg and great programmes at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg from you will have to pay this fee.

Apart from the international students, all students who want to get a second degree will be required to pay 650 euros per semester for their studies. Second degree tuition fees do not apply to students who change their field of study within a study programme or change non-degree study programmes. Exempt are also teacher education students who study additional subjects (major or minor) within their teacher education programme. Students who are simultaneously studying for two or more different degrees at one or more state universities will only need to start paying tuition fees the semester after the first study programme has been completed. (The date on the first examination certificate applies). Again, this does not apply to teacher education students who study additional subjects (major or minor) within their teacher education programme.


(Image by Joergens.mi via Wikimedia)

The exceptions to this law include students from the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA) and from the Erasmus member countries. Refugees who have permission to stay are also not affected. Students who start in the summer semester 2017 are also unaffected. Also the students with ‚Bildungsinländer‘ (international students with German Abitur) are unconcerned too.  International applicants who were awarded a publicly-funded scholarship (in writing) before this law took effect (e.g. from an organisation promoting gifted and talented students) will not have to pay the otherwise applicable tuition fees for international students in the first study programme they enrol in immediately afterwards.

“The funds will be used to pay for support services for international students at the university. One of the goals is to raise the graduation rate for international students. The remaining 1,200 euro, as well as the total tuition fee of 650 euro for students in second degree programmes, will be applied to the state budget. These funds will go towards securing the long-term financing of university education in Baden-Württemberg” says the official Baden-Württemberg study guide and If you would like to find out what led to this decision, please visit the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education and Research (MWK) website (in German).

Of course, I would like to state that none of the information above is legally binding; if you want to know further about these issues it is always best to counsel your University administration or official websites in German which are the legal versions. This post only gathers the information found in websites and forums in order to give you a general picture.




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