Vauban Summerfest


Apart from the endless sunshine and BBQ parties, what does summer mean? Festivals, of course! On 25th  June, the student dormitory at Vauban hosted a beautiful summer festival in its premises. I went there when it was still early. However, it was already quite lively; students from all over Freiburg, locals of Vauban and even families with small children were there. The place was decorated with colourful pieces of cloth and posters in harmony with its setting. At the entrance there was the first small stage for live bands to perform. There, people chilled on the grass or danced along with the band – usually close to the stage. After this musical welcome I walked around to see what else this lovely atmosphere had to offer. There were many food stalls that had vegetarian and vegan options as well, which I think reflects the general eco-friendliness of the neighbourhood itself. Later, I talked with an international student group who baked their local pastries and were selling them for student-friendly prices. Of course cold drinks weren’t missing either.


As soon as I walked in the festival area many people with glitter make up had caught my attention then, I actually saw the stall that you can get a glitter butterfly or any other cute and colourful thing painted on your face. Just across, on the left there was a bigger and sort of main stage where many people danced to techno music. I joined them for a while then continued my tour, again what I really liked about the festival was that it brought many people together. I saw a group of adults and small children cooling down in an inflatable swimming pool. Finally at the further back there was a flea market and an open stage. I think this part was my favourite because I was lucky enough to come across this percussion group Brasilikum. They were amazing! It is not exaggerating to say that people let themselves go and jumped up and down along with the rhythm. Honestly, I don’t know how long their performance lasted because I was too busy dancing and that is also why I couldn’t think of taking a single photo of this great performers!


Overall, these were the general impressions from this beautiful, friendly summer festival and for those who were in the mood for more dance there was an after party at the T.I.K club in StuSie.


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