An Exhibition: Black Forest in Victorian Magazines

There is an interesting poster exhibition on display at the entrance floor of the UB running from 28th of July to 31th of August. The posters are prepared by the English Department students of the University.


Although there is a small passage in German (which has been translated into English too) they are all in English; since they show the way Black Forest region and Freiburg as seen by the British Victorian Era travellers of 19th century.

The exhibition is not only informative but also fun because it gives you a chance to look into what people thought about the places you see today 200 years ago. Just as we are amazed by beautiful sceneries in and around Freiburg today, foreign travellers were impressed too back in the days. They praised its great beer and people’s hospitability (somethings do not change indeed).


It is intriguing for everyone because there is a great variety of subjects ranging from the mysterious legends about Black Forest to its clothing habits, customs and economical activities. There are also sketches, the pictures of woodcarvings made for those magazines to increase the visual effect. Go and check out the exhibition, for I am sure you will sometimes laugh at Victorian travellers’ and journalists’ observations and sometimes find some similarities between your own opinions and theirs’ plus you’ll learn some cool things about Freiburg perhaps even the locals do not know! The posters give you a great chance to get a different perspective of your hometown or short-term home –Freiburg!


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