Schauinsland: A Must See Before the Summer Ends

Even though Freiburg shows a different beauty of itself every season, there are still more places to see before the summer ends. Today the one I will mention is the amazing Schauinsland. First of all it is hard to believe such a place exists so close to the city. It is always cooler up there when it is too hot to go around in the city so you can go there for some mountain breeze and great panoramic scenery.

How to get there?

Journey to the lower station of the Schauinslandbahn takes 20 min. from Bertoldsbrunnen. You have to take tram 2 to the direction of Günterstal, then get off at the last station to switch to the bus number 21. In a short while, after a picturesque ride, you are already at the lower station. There, before you take the cable car you can provide a hiking map in English, German and French that shows all the spots you have to see. Basic roundtrip fees for adults is €12,50 and for students with semester ticket and student ID it is  €11,50 –pretty worth it I would say.


Schauinsland Cable Car

The Cable car itself takes max. 7 person in one go. It is very comfy and ideal to observe around with glass windows on four side. What surprised me the most is that it is VERY stable so you don’t feel that you are floating in the air. There is nothing to be scared of I can assure you. The route happens to be the longest loop cable car in Germany, it travels 3,6 km one-way and it takes you 750 m. higher. The view is amazing even though you are still not at the mountain top! Floating higher and higher, being above the trees and seeing the giant windmills that close make you realize how amazing and beautiful Black Forest is and how lucky we are to be here! When you arrive at the upper station you are 1,220 m. higher than Freiburg city centre. There you can enjoy the uninterrupted view from the observation deck or you can get a quick drink at the cafeteria.

What to See?

After leaving the upper station, a 30 min. walk will take you to the Schauinsland Tower. If you think you need a higher vantage point you can climb the 31-meter-tall tower and gaze at the Feldberg and even see the Swiss Alps at further back.


There is also a lot to see apart from the breath-taking view. For instance, I was really amazed by the wood-carving sculptures that we came across along the way. To see more of those you can take a walk at the Sculpture Path by following the signs that are available almost at every corner. So no need to worry about getting lost for those who do not trust their sense of direction. If you follow the path on the map you’ll see Solar Observatory, The English Monument, The Mining Museum (strongly recommended) and Schniederlihof Farmhouse Museum.


This is not a short walk so do not forget to pack something to eat and definitely remember to stay hydrated and to dress according to weather. If you are not fan of walking and up to more adventure there is 8km. downhill scooter course you can take (I would not dare) or you can actually take your own bike up there as well.


When to Go?

I strongly recommend going once before the summer ends so that you can enjoy the clear view of the surroundings and perfect weather. However the cable car works in all seasons! Between July and September from 9.00 to 18.00 and in all other months from 9.00-17.00 you can visit Schauinsland. I personally look forward to going there again when the trees start to turn their autumn colours!

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