Back to School Guide: How to Say “Goodbye” to Summer and Get Back to School (with Motivation)

Although it is still warm, the days have started to get shorter. The sun sets remarkably earlier which means it is almost time to shake off the holiday mood and welcome a new semester. But how can we do it without feeling depressed or lacking motivation? Here are some tips and suggestions to start off your semester with vivacity.

  • Try to adjust your sleep schedule according to school or work as early as possible – perhaps begin to practice waking up early on the last days of your holiday so that you get used to it quickly.


  • Go back to your routine as soon as you come home from holiday. The more you procrastinate the harder it will be to get things done and this probably will make you feel bad. However, going back to your routine and readapting to your old habits are easier. These could be small things like having breakfast with your flatmates or taking care of your plants.


  • Instead of feeling sad about bygone summer days be excited about the next summer and make plans so that you can look forward to it 🙂


  • Whether you had an active or lazy summer do not neglect your physical activities. Take up a sport even if you don’t regularly workout. This could be taking a daily walk in a park or playing tennis, volleyball with friends.


  • A huge kick for incoming school days is going for stationary shopping. New notebooks, pens and pencils are always exciting and lead you to be organized and ready. In the meanwhile clean out your old notes and other clutter that keeps your working space crowded. A clear desk a clear mind.


  • I know there is still time for new year resolutions but set new goals for new semester. It could be a goal for reading a certain number of books or starting a new hobby that you have always wanted to.


  • If you feel unusually tense and nervous about going back to school talk about it. Either to your friends or to a professional. Remember, you got this!


  • And most importantly enjoy a cool and cosy autumn!


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