Greenmotions Film Festival in Freiburg

The winter is upon us and indoor activities have surely become more attractive. So if you don’t know what to do this weekend you shouldn’t miss the Greenmotions Film Festival in Kommunales Kino in Freiburg!

Setting off with the motto “Hot ideas for a cooler planet”, the festival came into being in 2014 as an event organized by master students in Renewable Energy Management department at the University of Freiburg. It is now organized by a mix of film makers, artists and volunteers. (They have become a non-profit organization and accept volunteers, if you are interested to become a part of the organization.)


This year’s programme will take place on 09-12 November and they call people to their film screenings with the aim of raising awareness around sustainable thinking and a positive attitude towards it. What interested me the most is that they say they will screen solution-oriented, constructive and inspiring movies.

The bonus surprise is that for the 200th anniversary of the bicycle’s invention they’ll have a special prize about sustainable mobility and they will host a bicycle cinema, in which the projector is powered by you, the audience! And an after party with bike-disco where this time you’ll produce electricity for the music that you’ll dance to. I think this is very exciting and fun event that captures the sustainable, green and bike-loving face of Freiburg so it shouldn’t be missed.

Here are the links for the festival programme ( and Kommunales Kino im alten Wiehrebahnhof website ( in case you want to reserve a seat!


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