Ravennaschlucht Christmas Market: The Most Magical Place Ever!

If you still haven’t visited the beautiful and dreamy Revannaschlucht Christmas market, the remaining weekends of this month are your last chance to do so! The market will be open on 15,16,17th and 22,23th December. But what is so special about it and how to get there? Keep reading!

The first thing you should know that you have probably not dressed warm enough. Put on your warmest clothes and socks; and wear another layer on them! Because of the altitude, temperature difference between Freiburg and Breitnau is quite remarkable. Don’t say I didn’t warn you all!


How to Get There?

Lucky us, students, that there is semester ticket! Your ticket is gültig for entirety of this trip. So, do not forget to take your semester ticket and student ID with you. From Freiburg HBF platform 7, take the regional train to Seebrug direction. I went there on a Saturday and the trains were running 10 min. past every hour (still check the DB website in case there are any changes). You have two options: you can either get off in Himmelreich or in Hinterzarten. From either of these places you take the free shuttlebus to the market. I went to Hinterzarten because it looked closer to the Market on map. The journey to Hinterzarten HBF is 33 minutes and another 15 minutes of bus ride through the snowy High Black Forest roads takes you the most romantic and fascinating Christmas Market I have ever been!


We Have Arrived. What Now?

Now you have to be little quicker to pass by the people who get off from the bus, because you’ll get in line to buy tickets. Entrance fee is 4 Euros (no student discount but it is 3 Euros on Fridays) and there is a discount for groups of more than 20. Get the little green armband and move along to left, to the main entrance (unless you are already too busy taking photos).


The Market

Ravennaschlucht Christmas market is close to a small village consisting of classic Black Forest wooden houses. Once you arrive at the market you are welcomed with the scent of mulled wine and cinnamon in the air. Mountains and trees are covered with snow and there are lights, fires and candles everywhere you look, which makes you forget the cold weather a bit. There is a small ice-skating rink at the entrance if you would like to give it a try.

I recommend going around afternoon (I was there around 4pm) so that you can see the market both in daylight and when the viaduct lights start to bright up the night. Trains pass above you and sometimes they honk! If you are brave enough you can climb around the little hill and take photos from a higher vantage point. If you decide to remain down however, you’ll still enjoy it. In this relatively small yet dreamy atmosphere, you can taste a variety of food – wurst and flammkuchen being the most well-known ones. There are stalls that also sells local delicacies that you can take home as well as hand-crafted wood-carved sculptures, glass work souvenirs, candles, wool socks and hats –what not!


After you take a walk around stalls you can go around big fires to warm up while you sip your glühwein or alcohol free punsch depending on your preference. Music is not absent from this amazing place either. You can listen to Christmas songs played on alphorn which adds colour and sound to this unique experience.


Time to go Back

Once you have tried all the food you set your eyes on, had enough drinks, took enough photographs and enjoyed your time there despite the cold (really cold) weather it is time to go back! Remember, the last shuttle to and from both directions ride until 30 minutes to closing time. Here are the working hours: Fridays 15:00 – 21:00; Saturdays 14:00 – 21:00; Sundays 13:00 – 19:00. There are only numbered days you can visit Ravennaschlucht Christmas Market until next year so make haste and visit this fairy tale-like place!


ps: all the photos are taken by me and my friends.

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