Christmas Break is Over, Another Year has Arrived: Now What?

Since we, the students, are not strangers to post-holiday blues we had already given tips on going back to school and saying goodbye to summer at the beginning of the winter semester. Here is another article on post-Christmas break blues combined with winter blues…What to do and how to deal with them? Especially because it is time to jump back to your study routine, with almost one and half month remaining to final exams.


Whether you celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year or merely the holiday, the official two-week break is over. For some it was a good chance to go home spend time with their families whereas some used it to travel around –like myself. Yet here we are going back to University, our mini-jobs and all the other responsibilities awaiting us. But it is not easy. At this point, everything might look like a mountain of things to be done and long, dark, cold winter days are not helping either. According to an article on, the possible causes of post-holiday blues are „unmet expectations, unrealistic resolutions, and a return of loneliness and guilt about overindulgence“. Now that we know the cause let’s look into what we can do about it!


  1. Pack away your Christmas decoration until next year. Boxing up the cheerful lights, ornaments and trees will make you face with the fact that holiday hustle and bustle is over. However you can always keep your room nice and cosy with plants, posters and candles against the coldness of winter.
  2. After indulging in all the food and alcoholic, acidic and sugary drinks remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy.
  3. After the holidays, we go from being social butterflies to being home and study-bound. Spare yourself some time but don’t stay indoors for too long! Organize catch-up meetings, small scale dinner parties with your friends. That will both provide smooth transition and cheer up the long winter nights with nice food and conversation.
  4. Don’t be harsh on yourself regarding any New Year’s resolutions. It’s always better to make a goal that’s attainable rather than one that’s too far off the mark.
  5. Prioritise your tasks. Tackle them in a sensible order over a sensible timescale.
  6. Get back into your normal sleep pattern. Even if you’ve only travelled a short distance on your holidays, you probably kept different hours on holiday than you normally do.
  7. Make positive changes. A holiday gives you the opportunity to notice the negative impact of not reading enough and spending too much time watching TV and checking on social media.

Many professionals state that it is normal to feel disappointment and reluctancy to do things so instead of resisting disappointment, accept it. If you reject reality, and keep on wishing things had gone differently, you may end up in a cycle of ups and downs, surges of hope followed by crashes of disappointment repeated each year. Cherish the time you have spent at home resting and celebrating or out and about travelling.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!



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