Mundenhof Animal and Nature Park

You have visited same pubs over and over again, walked along Dreisam and been to hiking quite often. Well, maybe it is time to do something different in your next free time –whether on your own or with friends, you should definitely visit Mundenhof Animal and Nature Park. I bet you didn’t even know that the biggest animal park in Baden-Württemberg is so close to you (I did not)!

Stretching to 38 hectares, the park aims to strengthen the bond between agriculture and nature education, especially aiming to children. But hey, there is something to learn no matter how old you are so you should go there embracing your inner child!

How to Get There?

It is really surprising to see that such an immense space lays so close to city center and so easy to reach. If you want to go there by tram take Line 1 and get off at Paduaallee, from there it takes 30 minutes of walk or you can take Line 5, get off at Bollerstaudenweg, walk for 20  minutes.

By bus, line 19 goes there 3 times a day or you can very conveniently go by bike which takes around 18 minutes from HBF. If you go by car you have to pay 5 Euro parking fee which is very cheap considering the fact that you don’t have to pay another entrance fee and the amount you pay supports the park’s existence. The place mostly runs on donations and you only pay extra fee if you want to participate in events.


When to Go?

Another point is that Mundenhof is open all year and accessible at all times. But I personally recommend going on weekdays if you can, or early in the mornings if you are going on weekends since it fills up with families –means that there will be a lot kids to compete against to get a good spot while animal watching 🙂

Short Information About the Park and Its History

The animal and nature park has existed since 1968. Many of the predators and wild animals that were kept at that time can no longer be found today, as these can hardly be kept in captivity. Now you can mainly find domestic and farm animal breeds from all over the world. So you can see various cattle species from different continents or the different members of camel family.


There is a very informative map at the entrance that shows each area in the park. Each of these areas stand for a specific country or a continent. From Europe the journey goes to North America, South America, Asia and Africa. The conclusion is the „exotic center“ where two monkey species, meerkats and the bird house can be found.

Another attraction that was quite unexpected for me was the aquarium that was rebuilt in a former horse stable. The aquarium offers 12 very colorful and spacious display tanks; 7 of these are fresh water and 5 are saltwater aquariums. You can even see some famous fish like Nemo and Dory (I told you to embrace your inner child at the beginning:) ) The aquarium is open for sightseeing daily between 8:00-18:00 o’clock.

Personal Impression

I had great time there, seriously considering to become a regular there since I could not even cover the every corner in the park. There are picnic areas as well as a cozy beer garden where you can indulge in local food and delicious Hofeis from Mundenhof.


The animals are mostly not shy; we were even approached by a water buffalo family very closely –they asked for a good scratching around the neck and the big mama even let us touch her baby. But remember to be cautious when approaching to any animal and this goes needless to say but I will still remind it: do not feed anything to animals –even though the monkeys will look at you with anticipation. There were llamas, bison, beautiful horses and donkeys that you can see very up close. I was personally mesmerized by the huge owls. So I hope this post gives you an idea about to do something different every once in a while and enjoy your time in this beautiful place. If you want to know more or have any question here is the contact information:

Tier-Natur-Erlebnispark Mundenhof
Mundenhof 37
79111 Freiburg

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