Tips and Reminders for Exam Preparation

It feels like yesterday since I wrote a post on “tips for going back to Uni with motivation” a couple of months ago at the beginning of the semester! Now, it is time to be tested for a semester worth of knowledge. I know everybody has already been studying –I know because it is impossible to find a seat in the UB before 7 p.m. Still, here are some final reminders and tips on what to do and what NOT to do when preparing for exams.

A reminder

The most efficient ways to be succesful in all exams are *drum roll* to follow the lectures, to take down notes and to do your assignments meticulously. If you have already been doing these –at least some of these, then you do not have to worry about the exams.


What to do?

  • Start soon –sooner than you intend to do. The earlier you start, the more time you have to work on the topics that you have hard time understanding.
  • Exercise or at least take a walk everyday and sleep well. Your body and your mind need rest and oxygen to truly learn. Being outdoors and moving even for a short while decreases your stress as well.


  • Study with a plan, with efficiency and minding the way you actually learn. Sometimes reading your notes over and over again or just writing down the PowerPoint slides might not be the most suitable way for you whereas it might work for others. Find your own method.
  • Give short breaks when studying. It is good and refreshing. However if you end up goofing around for 40 minutes (oops) in the middle of a topic you will probably have to start over again and it is waste of time –your precious time. Give longer breaks only when you are done with a certain topic or subject.


What Not to Do?

  • Do not spend all of your study time (and break time too) on social media. Stay away from distractions at least for 2-3 hours once you are in the “study zone”.
  • Do not eat hard to digest food before an exam. It makes you feel sleepy and tired.
  • Do not study hard or cram the night before an exam. If anything just skim through your notes.


  • Do not pull consecutive all nighters and certainly do not stay up all night just the night before an exam. You need a good and solid night’s sleep to do well the following day. Falling asleep on your exam paper is not ideal.

Remember that after the exams you’ll have a well-deserved break. So good luck on all exams and be nice to yourselves!







2 Gedanken zu “Tips and Reminders for Exam Preparation

  1. Great list of tips! Being a sophomore (transitioning to junior standing) at my college, I understand how important it is to comprehend the material being taught at school. I really like the first tip under the „What to do“. Starting early is probably the golden-rule of college. That is quite literally half-the-battle. The remaining half, is trying to understand and get along with your professor(s); and also ensuring you study the material as exam-time comes around.

    • Thank you for your constructive comment.

      „Starting early is probably the golden-rule of college. That is quite literally half-the-battle.“ I totally agree, poor time management is usually the reason why we freak out when preparing for presentations, exams or any kind of test.

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