Great German Songs to Enrich Your Vocabulary (While Having Fun)

Remember our post about learning German while watching famous and great German movies? It turns out a lot of people found the idea of combining study and leisure quite useful and motivating while learning German. So, here is another post on German pop culture, which will not only introduce you to the German pop music world but also will help you become the next karaoke queen or king.

The benefits of listening to music while learning a language is not limited to having fun. Besides, listening to music puts one into a relaxed state of awareness, leading to conscious learning. Hearing a language spoken in a melodic way develops one’s listening comprehension skills ­– that is the first step to understanding. It also helps to recognize how expressions, intonation, and form can be used in a more natural way. Obviously, you can learn a lot of new words while listening to a song and learning its lyrics with their meanings. Here is our list and you are welcomed to add your recommendations to the comments so that the list can grow 😊

1) Wir trafen uns in einem Garten by 2RAUMWOHNUNG

Who does not like to go to a garden for their first date?! There is even a song about it. This cute and catchy song will familiarize you with relationship matters like having your feelings stirred by ex-lovers, wandering the streets thinking of your lover and breaking up. The song is straight out of 2007, it is upbeat and has plenty of positive energy.

2) Tour de France by Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk is one of the biggest – perhaps the biggest electronic music band of the 80’s Germany. Tour de France was an international hit so you may have already heard it. As you may have guessed from the name, it is about competing in the world’s biggest cycling event. It is catchy, quirky and doesn’t have too many lyrics; a perfect tune for beginners. Dance and sing along!

3) Übers Ende der Welt by Tokio Hotel

Another song from 2007 is by Tokio Hotel, a boy band which was ridiculously popular in my home country when I was in high school. Many people had learnt the lyrics by heart so that they can sing along the song which is about personal power, courage and following your heart. Feels good to sing on top of your lungs.

4) Warum? by Tic Tac Toe

This is a moving song which tells the story of a drug addict who eventually overdoses. It has a niche vocabulary and is relatively fast since it is delivered by a hip-hop group. Even though the all-girl band split up, they have many popular songs from the 90’s.

5) 99 Luftballons by Nena

The song became an international hit when released in 1983; thus, an English version was recorded as well. But the German version remains the favorite one for many. It is an anti-war song that captured the Cold War climate. You can learn a lot of new words about war and politics from this song. Plus, it is incredibly catchy, so somehow easy to learn.

6) Für immer Immer by Fettes Brot

This song is a 2013 hit which tells the story of a man who loved girls all over in Germany and the world! It is an upbeat song, if you want you can also study a bit of geography after you learn the lyrics. The man has loved all over in Germany – really! Just make the dictionary and the map ready😊



Ein Gedanke zu “Great German Songs to Enrich Your Vocabulary (While Having Fun)

  1. Thanks for the article. Just found it by chance on google and I love the list. Check out 99 Luftballons on my website. I created a list of new nouns and verbs that makes it easy for English speakers to memorise these new words. Cheers from Berlin, Mirella.

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