The Active Bike – what, when and where it is

Who doesn’t love those warm summer days in Freiburg? There are so many outdoor activities to do – at least if you don’t have to attend lectures. But even in that case you can use your lunch break to enjoy the outdoors right there on campus thanks to the Active Bike. You might have already spotted it at Mensagarten or at one of the other locations. But what is the Active Bike exactly, how does it work and where can you find it? We collected the most important information for you so you can get movin’ during your lunch breaks.

What is it?

The Active Bike is a relatively new project by AHS (Allgemeiner Hochschulsport) that aims to allow students to incorporate physical activity into their daily life without spending money or committing to weekly courses. It is a cargo bicycle filled with a variety of games and sports equipment and visits different locations on campus from Monday to Thursday during the summer term. You simply walk up to the friendly attendant and leave your UniCard as a pledge for whatever game or equipment you want to borrow.

What you can borrow ranges from footballs, volleyballs and frisbees to speedminton, kubb and spikeball. You don’t know these games? No worries. Not only are the attendants happy to help, they are also open to suggestions in case your favourite game is missing. If you’re on your own this is also a great opportunity to meet new people and join their games!

When and where is it?

You can find the Active Bike from Monday to Thursday between 11:45 and 14:15 o’clock on four different locations on campus: On Mondays in front of the faculty of biology (Fakultät für Biologie), on Tuesdays at Mensagarten, on Wednesdays at the Natural Sciences Campus (Institutsviertel) and on Thursdays at the Faculty of Engineering (Technische Fakultät). Note that it might not appear in its usual spot during bad aka. rainy and/or stormy weather.

While many people were a bit shy when first spotting the Active Bike more and more regulars borrow their favourite games whenever the bike visits their location. It’s not only a chance to spend your leisure time actively instead of simply having lunch and then waiting for the next seminar to begin but also a great opportunity to try out new sports and games and to meet new people while doing so.

Learn more about the Active Bike on the AHS website

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