Fewer International Students After the Tuition Fees

You might have realized that there are fewer international intakes in your department compared to the previous years. This does not involve Erasmus or Exchange students; rather it is Bachelor or Master students that are influenced. A recent press release (8 May 2018) by National Statistics Office proves this right! Read this post to learn more about it.

  • Statistics basically say that there is a drop in the overall number of freshmen and fewer foreigners prefer Baden Württemberg after the introduction of tuition fees. The fees were introduced in the winter semester 2017/18 for foreign students who come from non-EU/EEA countries. Because of this, compared to the winter semester 2016/17, the number of registered foreign students dropped by 21.0%, from 7700 to 6080 in the whole state.


  • Almost half (48.6%) of the 360.000 students in the state were enrolled at a university in the winter semester 2017/18; whereas, over a third (33.7%) were at the universities of applied sciences, while 6.8% studied at a college of education and one in a hundred students (1.2%) was enrolled at an art college. Compared to the winter semester 2016/17, the universities lost students (-2.2%), while the universities of applied sciences recorded a growth (+ 3.0%). The number of students at the universities of teacher education (0.0%) and art colleges (+ 0.2%) remained almost unchanged.


  • For the first time since the winter semester 2007/08, there is no increase in the number of students. The proportion of women among students rose slightly by 0.3 percentage points to 47.7%.


  • Among the students in the winter semester 2017/18, only 62362 of them were freshmen. Compared to the previous year, this presents a decline of 3.2%. Especially at the universities (-7.1%), the number of undergraduate students declined. The proportion of women among students in the first semester was 49.3% which is higher than in the previous year (48.9%).


Source: https://www.statistik-bw.de/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/2018095


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