Starting from the winter semester 2018/19 the UniCard system at the University of Freiburg will dramatically change. The aim is to switch to a new and more secure system both in terms of software and hardware. So what are these changes going to involve and entail? For further information please keep reading the post!

The new system will involve some major changes. First, the new UniCard will not require a photo. The other – and more practical change, is that they no longer must be validated at the terminals every semester; they will be valid for five years from the beginning.

Info for new students from the winter semester 2018/19:

  • After you enroll at the Service Center, you will receive your UniCard a few days later. This is valid for five years unless you finish your studies at the University of Freiburg earlier. Before the printed date expires (when you are about to go over five years), you must have your UniCard replaced with a new one at the UniCard office.

Info for already enrolled students:

  • If you are already enrolled at the university, you validate your UniCard as usual at a validation terminal.

Another important change is about the SemesterTickets and free use of the RVF from 19:00 o’clock on. Old UniCard holders face no changes, but for the new cards you can use the printed and online SemesterTicket with a valid, official ID that has a photo. Also, you can use your SemesterTicket that is purchased at the VAG sale points or at DB-Automat with UniCard plus enrollment certificate along with an official photo ID. Thus, it looks like it is a good idea always carry an ID with your photo on it.










(the old card)

The UniCard will continue to serve as a student ID card, for cashless payment in refectories and other facilities, as well as access authorization for rooms and equipment like photocopiers.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the UniCard, please contact the UniCard team ( by e-mail including your first and last name, the matriculation number or go personally to their office hours at the Sedanstraße 6 (office hours: Monday: 12.00-14.00, Wednesday: 10.00-12.00, Friday: 10.00-12.00).


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