Everything You Need to Know About the Service Center in StuSie Dormitory

Whether you have just moved in to the dormitory at the Seepark – StuSie with its popular name, or you are a seasoned dweller of it, there is a place that can always be useful and helpful to you if you live there. It is the Service Center in the building 36.I have lived in StuSie for one and a half year and honestly, I found out about many opportunities that Service Center and house 36 have to offer a bit later than I would like to admit. Service Center is not only there to buy wash machine and dryer tokens. There is much more to it! For instance, you can copy, print and laminate documents and get a spiral bind if you need one. If you need to send or receive fax (for some reason) you can do it there. There is nothing too small or too big that they did not think of a student living in the dormitories might need. You can buy letter stamps as well as patch cables and paint in case you need to paint your room before you move out.stusieplan.png

For a very affordable price and reasonable amount of caution you can also borrow many things so that you do not have to buy every single item you need. For instance, if you happen to have last minute guests you can rent a mattress for 1,50€ plus 30€ caution. Iron, screwdriver set, and vacuum cleaner is available for borrowing too! (A detailed price list with many more items is available on the website https://www.studentensiedlung.de/service/stusie-abc/).IMG_20170408_134613.jpg

I, for example, had no idea you could rent facilities like music room (with or without instruments), study room or A BAR TO THROW YOUR OWN PARTY!? What? Let’s say you want to have an epic birthday party but there is no way all the people you want to invite will fit in your room let alone partying in there. So, The SansiBar is the perfect place for you. It can hold up to 50 people and has a bar, hi-fi system and refrigerators. The rent is 30€ for Mon, Wed, Thu and Sun; 50€ for Fri, Sat. You need to make a reservation for weekends and holidays at least a month in advance. Once you settle that you are ready to party!

In house 36, a terminal where you can upload your UniCard is present too so that you do not end up with an insufficient balance when you want to grab a coffee at the University cafeterias. It goes without saying the house 36 has also the T.I.K club and throughout the semester there are many parties organized. If you want to keep it more chill there is the lounge to play board games, eat snacks or join the movie night on Mondays too. The Service Center does not only help you in the house 36, but there is a bike repair shop at the house 46 every Wednesday from 7-9 pm during semester. There, you can repair your bike and get help from the tutors. You only pay a small amount of money for the materials that you used. It is very convenient for student budget and everyone is helpful even if you have no idea what you are doing (speaking from experience).IMG-20171231-WA0003So, if you fully want to experience the dormitory life in StuSie at the Seepark and possibly meet your neighbors, grab a drink or watch a move with them go and hang out at the house 36. Everyone at the Service Center is friendly and helpful. You will feel that you do not have to everything on your own – you can ask for help or advice and people will help if they can. That said the working hours of the service point are Mon-Thu 7-9 pm; Fri-Sun 7-8 pm. Website for the list of things you can buy, rent or borrow is www.studentensiedlung.de. Just enjoy your new home!



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