Winter Sports Around Freiburg and Black Forest

Winter is here, on full force! But you do not need to be depressed because of the grey and short days. Instead you can go out and enjoy the season by experiencing what Freiburg and its surroundings have to offer on these beautiful mountains. Whether you are a keen winter sports expert or a beginner, there is something to do for everyone!

Black Forest is home to the biggest skiing area of Germany’s low mountain ranges. The region, in total, has 170 ski-lifts, 250 km. of downhill ski slopes, 22 ski jump points and cross-country ski-tracks over 1700 km. The most famous point Feldberg, also the highest peak of Black Forest with 1493 m., has been a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts since the late 19th century. It is also easily accessible from Freiburg via regional trains.


Top 10 Winter Sports Destinations in Black Forest are:

  1. Feldberg
  2. Untersmatt
  3. Mehliskopf
  4. Todtnauberg
  5. Müntertsal Wieden
  6. Muggenbrunn
  7. Baiersbronn
  8. Belchen
  9. Breitnau
  10. Hinterzarten

Hinterzarten is an attractive option for those who are interested in ski jump platforms, Untersmatt and Mehliskopf are lesser known and smaller places, yet still spectacular as you go along the High Black Forest road. Belchen and Breitnau are more to the Southern Black Forest and they respectively have their own ski runs named after the towns themselves.


Trivia About the Region

  • The altitude of the region is between 950-1450 m. which is the highest in the whole Baden Württemberg.
  • The Feldberg ski lift is considered one of the best in Germany. The Ski run is 63 km. long.
  • Winter sports season is 127 days, beginning on 2nd December and ending on 8th April, whereas the average in Germany is 96 days.
  • Thus, Feldberg is one of the three regions country wide, that guarantee snow throughout the season.
  • For advanced skiers, Seebuck downhill slope is a popular one (marked with red in regional ski maps)
  • Grafenmatt (marked with black) is another popular slope for adrenaline seekers.


For beginners or the ones who casually want to enjoy the snow and breathtaking winter views, there are snowshoeing tours with various routes ranging from 2 to 3 hours walking time. Snowshoeing is like hiking but in the snow! So, no prior knowledge or experience is needed. The necessary equipment can be rented from the tour providers. If you are more interested in the cultural history and want to see the evolution from the wooden skis to today’s snowboards, there is Black Forest Ski Museum in Hinterzarten. There you can also see a lot of visual material on the history of the region such as winter landscapes, painted around 1900’s.

Just go out and experience the best winter in Black Forest, while the season is at its peak. I am sure you will be able to make some good memories and enjoy the fresh and cold Black Forest air.

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