4 Outdoor Things You Can Do to Welcome Spring in Freiburg

After Fasnet, during which we chased away the spirits of winter, it is time to celebrate the arrival of spring. Freiburg and its surroundings are without a doubt beautiful in all seasons, but spring is perhaps the prettiest; it is when nature starts to awaken, and days get longer as well as brighter. To get in the spring mood means spending more time outdoors, thus in this post, I present you five activity suggestions to welcome spring and get moving.

  • Picnic Along Dreisam

Dreisam is the 29 km long river that runs through the city of Freiburg. (In the previous post, I had mentioned that it also feeds the Freiburg Bächle.) Dreisam is popular with everyone thanks to its clean water, calming atmosphere by the riverside. Even though it is close to the city, it feels quiet and secluded. You can either walk west from Schwabentor towards Littenweiler direction, or you can go to the east. There are many areas suitable for chilling where you can lay your picnic blanket on green grass or you can sit on the benches. So, grab your food, drinks and invite your friends for a lovely day along the Dreisam.


  • Discovering Parks

Living up to the name green city, Freiburg has many parks and green areas that are freely accessible and open to the public. So instead of pub crawling, you can organize a park crawling (hey, I just invented something?!) during which you can enjoy the parks of Freiburg and enjoy the arrival of spring. Besides, parks are not only suitable for a day time break, but you can also go for jogging or bring your yoga mat for a relaxing yoga session. Some of the popular and bigger parks in Freiburg are Seepark, Stadtgarten, Eschholzpark, Colombi Park, Möslepark, and despite being much smaller a personal favorite of mine is the Japanese Garden (https://studierendenwerkfreiburg.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/the-japanese-garden-at-the-seepark)


  • Public Grillplatz or BBQ

If you don’t own a BBQ or do not have enough place to make something bigger you can use the public grills that are stationed in grillplatz or sometimes around spielplatz. It is a great way to welcome spring; besides you can hang out around the fire if it gets a bit chilly. Cooking your own food on fire and gathering around it has a special feeling to it but remember to always follow the rules to use these places and always be cautious because fire is involved. It is needless to say clean after yourself. This way everyone can enjoy these places. Some of the public grillplatz are Waldspielplatz Ochsengespann, Grillplatz Silberdobel, Sternwaldwiese (Wiehre), Grillplatz Wolfswinkel.


  • Cycling Routes

Apart from your daily commute, you can use your bicycle to discover in and around the city while feeling the fresh spring air on your face. Freiburg has great scenic routes whether you want to have a casual bike tour, or you opt for a more professional adventure. Some of the routes that are worth discovering are Tuniberg-Höhenweg, Opfinger Wald, Mooswald and Mundenhof, Dreisamtal, Günterstal, Schlossberg-Roskopf, Schauinsland, Schönberg. You can plan your routes on http://www.radroutenplaner-bw.de


  • BONUS: Münster Tower

The Münster Tower is open for visitors after its renovation. From the tower, you can get an amazing view of the city but the narrow stairway is not for the faint-hearted. You first need to take 233 steps! The entrance is 2€ for students. Opening hours Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00-16.00, Sunday and Holidays: 13.00-16.00.

The common points of all these activities are that they enable you to enjoy outdoors and are very student budget friendly. To me, each point sounds like a perfect plan to spend a day outside with your friends or go exploring by yourself. If you have further suggestions add them to the comment section!

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