Freiburg Wine Festival Begins at 4th July

The annual Freiburg wine festival which takes place in Münsterplatz begins on the 4th July on Thursday at 17:00 pm. The festival will last until the 9th of July.

This year the festival takes place for the 48th time; so, it is already an established and well-known event. The 6-day event is full of good wine, regional and traditional food, as well as live music and DJ performances. It will take place daily from 17:00 pm. On Friday and Saturday night the celebrations will last until 1:00 am; whereas, they end at midnight on other days.


The event is very popular among the locals and visitors from all over. So, it becomes a meeting place and the heart of the city for young and old or locals or tourists with its lively atmosphere.


It is possible to find more than 400 kinds of wine, sparkling wine (sekt) from Breisgau, Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg regions as well as surrounding areas. So, it is a true Rhein valley wine selection event not only for experienced wine connoisseurs but also for people who are curious about new and local tastes. wine-1597376_1280.jpg

A suggestion for students is that you go with a group of friends and each person buys a bottle and you share. So that you can try many kinds of wine and save money at the same time. For the first glass you pay 2.50 Euro Pfand price, then you can go to any stall with your own glass.


Apart from the delicious wine selection, it is possible to find cheese platters and to enjoy the Baden cuisine from various food stalls around the Münster Cathedral. For further details about the stall placements, live music times and performing bands you can visit the event’s web page at


The event is worth joining if you want to enjoy the warm summer nights at the lively Münsterplatz while whether sipping your local wine or dancing to the music with your friends.

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