Freiburg Museum Night 2019

The annual event that attracts art and Freiburg lovers takes places on Saturday, 20 July. During the Museum Night all the participating museums will be open from 6 pm to 1 am. The diverse program gives you a unique chance to spend a Saturday night that’ll feed your soul with art and exploration.

In 13 locations there are more than 100 events taking place. Guided tours of all current, special and permanent exhibitions are offered. Besides, you will not only be walking around and looking at art, while doing that you will be able to listen to talks and live music bands; watch live acts and acrobats as well as a hip-hop dance group and more…


The Museum Night attracts everyone who wants to experience Freiburg’s art scene in a different atmosphere than the usual daytime visiting. This year’s motto “anders” – meaning different, is probably a fitting word to describe this whole event. Afterall, museums have even more mystique appeal at night! Be ready to be inspired and impressed.


Foto: Rita Eggstein, Staedtische Museen Freiburg (

The night also has culinary offers ranging from Baden to the Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Visitors with kid can also rejoice for there are hands-on activities and creative workshops designed for them.

You can buy your ticket online for 10 euros or get it at the box office for 12 euros. A full list of participating museums and their addresses:


Augustinerplatz, Salzstraße 32-34
Haus der Graphischen Sammlung
Salzstraße 32
Museumspädagogische Werkstatt
Gerberau 15
Museum für Neue Kunst
Marienstraße 10a
Museum für Stadtgeschichte
Archäologisches Museum Colombischlössle
Rotteckring 5
Museum Natur und Mensch
Gerberau 32
Adelhauser Kloster
Adelhauser Straße 33
Uniseum Freiburg
Bertoldstraße 17 (Torbogen)
Kunstverein Freiburg
Dreisamstraße 21
Fasnetmuseum Freiburg
Zunfthaus der Narren, Turmstrasse 14
Schoferstraße 4
Bismarckallee 7g

More information:

And the PDF document of the detailed program:

We hope you can participate in this night and enjoy what Freiburg has to offer at the art scene!

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