Enjoy Swimming Before Summer Ends!

Since we are blessed with summer temperatures for the last week of August, perhaps it is useful to remember the “Best Swimming Spots in and around Freiburg” under a post. These places were already recommended in the Studierendenwerk Facebook page during the first week of August. There is a bonus at the end for those who still want to swim in rainy weather and cooler temperatures!



image: Andreas Schwarzkopf

Dietenbachsee: It takes around 10-15 minutes to cycle there from the city center. Dietenbachsee is relatively small but still a nice place to swim and chill. There is also a beach volleyball area for those who are interested. There are no kiosks around, so it is best to go prepared – pack a lunch and some drinks.


Flückingersee: Did we even know this lake’s name? Probably not; but it is your good old friend Seepark, perhaps one of the most popular and convenient places to go for a swim especially if you live in Stusie. There, you can always have a picnic, sunbathe or even enjoy a beer at the Biergarten. If you are going from the city center take tram 1 towards Landwasser and get off at Am Bischofskreuz stop. From there to the lake it is five minutes by foot.


Titisee: It is a popular tourist destination in the Black Forest, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! You can easily reach there in 30 minutes by regional trains and you don’t have to buy an additional ticket if you have the Semester ticket. The lake is big and surrounded by a walking path as well as beautiful trees. One day at the Titisee is guaranteed to make you feel like you are on a vacation. You can even treat yourself with a Black Forest cake at one of the cafes.


Dreisam: If you don’t have the time to take a day off but you would rather stay in the city center but still cool down Dreisam is a perfect choice. There are many spots along the river to whether dip your feet or to sit down in the water while sipping your beer. If you go towards Littenweiler by tram or simply cycle by Dreisam and pick a spot, you surely will enjoy the scenery and the cold, clean water.


Schluchsee:  If you go half an hour further than the Titisee you can reach there. Yes, it takes an hour by regional train, but the beauty of the route is so worth it! Your semester ticket covers this journey as well! Due to its position among mountains and high above sea level, the water is relatively cool even in summer. The lake is a perfect spot for those who are interested in water sports. Almost all the Schluchsee shoreline is easily accessible. Besides, the lake is surrounded by hiking trails and the entire lake can be circumnavigated on foot along an 18-kilometer-long path From May to October, it is also possible to take a boat trip on the lake.

Bonus: There are many public swimming pools like Strandbad, Westbad, Lorettobad, etc. Entry is 3 euros for students. You can reach a list of the pools and further details here: https://www.badeninfreiburg.de/

Let’s enjoy the nice weather and swim before welcoming autumn and cooler temperatures.

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