Aka-Filmclub: The Cinema Club of the University

Did you know that the University of Freiburg has its own cinema club? And that every semester it has a different program with movies for true film enthusiasts and for everyone who just enjoys the classic art of movie making and projecting. This is where to find it plus some of the highlights for the Winter semester.

In the old location: aka-Filmclub used to be in KG2. photo: aka-Filmclub

You like kino, but you’re tired of watching only blockbusters in the big cinemas? And you’re interested in European or African productions? What about some black and white movies? Or a documentary about young people saving refugees in the sea? All this and even more has the aka-Filmclub to offer!

62 years tradition

The aka-Filmclub was found in 1957 and it counts as one of the oldest student film clubs in Germany. Around 40 people, students and workers at the Albert-Ludwigs-University, support voluntarily the club and create for every semester an entirely new and exquisite program with very diverse movie productions. Some are classics, others are not so popular, but with important message or engaging story. And every time there are is a different topic series. In cooperation with different student organizations the people in aka-Filmclub choose special movies that are very much of relevance to the present political or social situation.

Explore cinema differently

Watching movies in your lecture hall? Why not? Bring your own food and drinks? Yes!! Not only that, but also you can see a lot of international movies with different meaning and production style. Most of the films are projected in the original language with German subtitles, but also in German with English subtitles. Except for the silent movies, because.. well, yeah, you can probably answer that yourself, haha. Silent movies are one of the highlights every semester, also classic favorite ones like „The Rocky Horror Picture Show“ – one specialty of the aka-Filmclub, that very often is shown as a final piece in the program. All the fans come dressed as the characters in the movie and sing and dance during the projection. Afterwards the lecture hall turns into a big closing party.

Casablanca, Africa and Stop-Motion

The topic series this time are a whole lot of Horror movies – new and old ones, older black and white classics like „Casablanca“ and films about the vampires in the cinema. Very interesting is the series with productions about Africa such as a movie about women soccer players („Khartoum Offside“) or a woman managing the car repair garage of her father after his death („Ayanda“). One special series are the Stop-Motions – animated films which objects or puppets are moved and filmed frame by frame to simulate movement („La casa lobo“). So different and so colorful is the selection of films, offered from the aka-Filmclub!

Everyone can join

The club is always happy to accept new motivated members who are also that inspired by the art of cinema. That’s why they invite everyone who wants to join to the group meeting – every first Monday of the month in their room in the Belfortstr. 37 next to the University library.

When, where, how?

The aka-Filmclub has a new projecting room since this Winter semester and that is the big lecture hall of biology (Größer Hörsaal GHS der Biologie), street Schänzlestraße 1. You can buy tickets one hour before the movie starts and the prices can get any better – you pay 3,50 once for your card and 1,50 for each movie you watch in during the semester. More information about the program, the prices and everything else you can find on the website.

Aka-Filmclub official website.

Aka-Filmclub on Facebook.

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