[IC Highlights] Finding a language Tandem with the International Club

One of the biggest goals of the International Club is to connect people from around the world, be it to meet new friends, to get to know more about different cultures or to learn new languages.

To meet this goal the International Club invites everyone to its big International Tandem evenings. For over ten years at every start of the semester, the International Club hosts this Tandem evening at the MensaBar to help new foreign and German students find new language partners.

And every time the International Club is supported by many cooperation partners like the Language Institute SLI of the Freiburg University, the Tandem office of the pedagogical University in Freiburg, the Confucius Institute and the European Student Network ESN, all joining forces together to inform and excite you about all the different offers in Freiburg.

After over ten years, it is tradition to first write a name tag with the languages you can offer and the ones you want to learn after arriving at the event.

After that, everyone is invited to join in to the action and conversations at all the different stalls or language stations.

Each year a little bit different, the evening invites to stay with all kind of fun and games like a language quiz, musical chairs, finding specific people at the people bingo, tombola’s and much more.

But of course, there will always be time for the most important part: Talking to new people from around the world. Everyone can decide for themselves if he wants to join in on any games or rather just talk with new and interesting people.

Each time visited by over a hundred people the Tandem evening of the International Club is the perfect opportunity to widen your cultural and lingual horizon.

But, as you all know, the tandem evening originally planned for today unfortunately cannot take place.

However, that does not mean, that you don’t have any possibility to meet new people or to find language partners. To still have the possibility to do that we have our SWFR Tandem Facebook group, as well as our Tandem exchange program on our website. Also, we post lots of new opportunities to meet online, to keep updated just check our Facebook page. With all of that you will still have a way to find people for new language adventures, at first online and hopefully soon in real life!

On our website you can also find links to all of the language tandem offerings of our cooperation Partners.

We hope to see you on our next live Tandem evening in the winter semester! Until then, stay safe everyone!

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