Why Weingarten?

Where does the name „Weingarten“ come from? I don’t know exactly, but I think the name has something to do with wine and garden. Drinking a glass of wine or more in a garden is so cool and relaxing. A visit here can surely be fantastic and funny, but I don’t understand why this part of Freiburg has a bad reputation. Let’s go and find out together what Weingarten really looks like and what this place can offer us…

This’s a public climate garden with various vegetables and flowers. Those who want to harvest, could lend a hand in watering the plants on warm days and in other activities… But behind the Dietenbachsee there are also many fruit trees. These apples you can easily pick yourself. So I always get my fruit here.

OK. All of Freiburg is green, we all know that, but is it as green as here? I do not think so. Weingarten can really be a place for tree lovers. Here you can enjoy nature, jogging, walking, cycling, barbecuing or swimming in the lake at Dietenbachsee or just chilling. Read a book in the Dreisam and swim a little. How cool is that?!

There are also famous and popular a charity store called „Spinnwebe“ for the lovers of vintage stuff in Freiburg.

There is even a local market twice a week.

Have you seen such a damn cool, funny and friendly public bookshelf inside the old phone booth somewhere else in Freiburg? I’ve never seen one like this. This bookshelf works like all others. Come and borrow books and bring them back. Good luck.

In many corners it is possible to discover art. Just colourful, sometimes a bit strange graffiti, but okay.

Newly built skateboard place is a very popular place for teenagers, but also for children and adults. Tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball and other sports. Also in nature you’ll sometimes find people play music by the lake. You can just listen and enjoy.

Weingarten is even more exciting at night, sometimes very romantic, some listen to soft music or dance salsa or even light a lot of candles by the lake. Nevertheless, I understand the questions „Why do you live in Weingarten, aren’t you afraid there?“ „Yes, I am very afraid of such questions“.

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