A little bit of summer still

Is the summer really back? I don’t know, but here it’s so sunny, even hot, green and also a bit more colorful, sky blue, this is what Freiburg looks like in autumn. I barely see any difference to summer. You too? What can you do in Freiburg during a summery autumn? I think a tour around the bathing lakes in Freiburg is a good idea…let’s visit a few lakes here, where you can just swim and do other activities…

The Flückigersee in the Seepark is not that big, but it is a very popular place for everyone in Freiburg. Here you can swim, walk, go boating or just lie on the beach and enjoy nature.

Dreisam is a river, not a lake, but offers a lot in summer and autumn. Here you can also cool off, sit comfortably on the large stones or get a tan or just read, eat somesthing and maybe relax. The swing is very popular in Dreisam, because you can swing across the water, sometimes waiting for a long time, but this relaxation is worth the wait.

Moosweiher is a big lake. Here it is quite shady and calm around the lake. Simply the best place for relaxation … also very good for learning to swim, fishing or boating.

Dietenbachsee is very small, but very cozy and pretty. It’s very green here and not only you can swim here, but also just chill and grill, go for a walk around the lake or do a lot of sports.

There are two lakes in Opfingen: a small one and a beautiful one, good for relaxing, lying in the sun, maybe for thinking and talking to friends. It is the largest lake in Freiburg Opfingen. Here you can swim very far. Waterboarding is a good sport for teenagers and adults to learn and practice. And maybe for a romantic dinner. You can also fishing here.

These lakes are all free. So enjoy your day.

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