Old city of Freiburg

Coronatime: Are you bored, do you move too little, and barely do any sports? Travel is not recommended, there are no exciting trips. What can you do here in Freiburg? Maybe there are some corners or places in the city where you can do something fun. Come let´s go and see how Freiburg´s old city looks like and maybe we will find something special or interesting…

Schlossberg – from Freiburg’s old city you are directly in Schlossberg and have a view of the whole city. You can go for a walk up the Schlossberg, it can take 10 minutes, or you can also take the lift. There you can have a beer, chill out or just enjoy the view. You can best see the cathedral from Schlossberg.

Tower – if you want to walk a little more and enjoy the view over Freiburg, you can walk even further to the tower. The Steps are fewer than 200 and that’s really great. That can take an extra 10 – 15 minutes, but it’s worth it.

Munster market – In the old city there is the famous and lovely Munster market for everyone to enjoy. This is open every morning and closed on Sundays and public holidays. Here you can buy products from this region, eat ice cream, and walk around the cathedral, but only with a mask. The Market offers flowers, fruits, vegetables, and many more for an enjoyable shopping day.

No, this is not Venice, the water flows through Freiburg. And there is also the narrow alley near the cathedral. Here you can take nice photos and walk through the city.

Bächle – it is simply a landmark of Freiburg. In summer you can put your feet in the water and cool off a bit. It is almost 10 kilometers long. To walk around the Bächle is not so bad for your health.

There is definitely more in the city centre. Come out and just walk around the city. You will discover a lot of new things. ​Have lots of fun with it.

3 Gedanken zu “Old city of Freiburg

  1. My dear Nata,very nice. It was very nice. I am glad to read your Work. Thank you very much and be happy. You have very nice and beautiful Fotos. Your Text is very interresting.

  2. Thank you for the Information. I never NEW that the Bächle is 10 k.m long. I should take a walk along. The passages around the Münster was never in my thought. Thanks

  3. It’s really amazing article, thanks for so many details about Freitag 😊
    I proud of you

    With love Tina

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