STUDIWERK AM HERD: Veganes Schoko-Nuss-Bananenbrot

Irgendwo zwischen Kuchen und Brot angesiedelt ist das Bananenbrot – es ist nicht nur ideal um in der Küche vergessene überreife Bananen zu verwerten, sondern schmeckt auch in der veganen Variante hervorragend! Außerdem sind der Fantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt: statt Nüssen und Schokolade können auch Haferflocken, Heidelbeeren oder getrocknete Früchte verwendet werden. Wenn das nicht eine gute Ausrede für Kuchen zum Frühstück ist? Weiterlesen

Photography exhibition at Mensa Rempartstraße

Photography is a special kind of art – even though most of us take pictures of our food, friends, pets and surroundings every day, few can capture their impressions in a form that most viewers would consider art. Over the month of June you can view 25 pictures in an exhibition at Mensa Rempartstraße – they are the winners of the third German-French photography contest, all of them dealing with the topic “Offenheit”.


The Active Bike – what, when and where it is

Who doesn’t love those warm summer days in Freiburg? There are so many outdoor activities to do – at least if you don’t have to attend lectures. But even in that case you can use your lunch break to enjoy the outdoors right there on campus thanks to the Active Bike. You might have already spotted it at Mensagarten or at one of the other locations. But what is the Active Bike exactly, how does it work and where can you find it? We collected the most important information for you so you can get movin’ during your lunch breaks. Weiterlesen

Wie funktioniert eigentlich… eine Steuererklärung?

Wenn man die unbeliebtesten regelmäßigen Aufgaben eines jeden Erwachsenen erfragen würde, käme der Begriff “Steuererklärung” bestimmt unter die ersten fünf Plätze. Unter Studierenden ist dieses Grauen vor der Steuererklärung meistens noch nicht so vertreten – vielleicht, weil sich die wenigsten mit dem Thema auskennen. Auch wenn es vielleicht erst mal trocken und langweilig klingt, kann es dennoch lohnenswert sein, sich schon vor dem Berufsstart mit dem Thema zu beschäftigen und vielleicht sogar selbst eine Steuererklärung zu machen. In diesem Artikel erfahrt ihr einige grundlegende Informationen, die Studierende und Steuern betreffen. Weiterlesen

Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Contemporary Art

“Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?” is a popular German saying to mock something that is exactly the opposite of what is traditionally considered to be “art”. But someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure: What looks like a painting done by a first-grader to some might cost millions of dollars and be exhibited at museums all over the globe. Contemporary art is in a tough position – many people make fun of it without ever bothering to take a closer look at what this umbrella term refers to. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t ditch it altogether and might want to consider visiting an exhibition this semester break: Weiterlesen

Three international Christmas traditions that may seem strange to foreigners

Christmas is a time of traditions – each family, village, region and country has their own and many people have surprisingly strong options on how things should be done. Whether it’s about where and with whom to spend the holidays, about the decorations or the food – once established it seems almost sacrilegious to break with certain Christmas traditions. To outsiders this behaviour can be amusing or even absurd but what kind of traditions are we even talking about? Here’s three international Christmas traditions that might seem a little odd to people from other countries. Weiterlesen

The (Long) Night of Freiburg University

Going to university – sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. Last Thursday pupils, students and anyone else who’s interested had the option to experience an unusual event – the (Long) Night of Freiburg University. From 7pm to 6am eleven lectures, five science slams and two bands entertained more people than one could possibly imagine inside the Audimax. We collected some impressions in case you missed the annual event.


Ticking the right boxes – What you need to know about the election this Sunday


When walking through town during the past months one could not escape a number of more or less familiar faces looking at you from their posters – whether they are smiling endearingly or grinning maliciously depends on your point of view. This Sunday it is election time! German citizens over 18 years have the chance to decide who will gain a seat in the Bundestag and whether chancellor Angela Merkel will enter a fourth term or another candidate will take over. The German voting system is quite complex and due to the arise of highly debated issues such as the refugee question this election is bound to be an especially interesting one – here’s some more information so you know what’s going on!